Ted Heath – Prime Minister, Liar and Traitor

Vernon Coleman

`In 1975, when discussing the forthcoming referendum on the Common Market, Heath told the British people: `There is no question of any erosion of essential national sovereignty.’ Heath said this despite the fact that the Lord Chancellor had written to him, before he signed the Treaty of Rome, saying: `I must emphasise that in my view the surrenders of sovereignty involved are serious ones…these objections ought to be bought out into the open.’ Despite the fact that he knew that joining the EU meant creating a European federal state, with monetary, political and military union an inevitability, Heath promised that joining would involve no surrender of essential sovereignty. An internal memorandum justified the deception by arguing that the British people would not notice what had happened until the end of the 20th century by which time it would be far too late to do anything about it. Just over twenty years later, in 1998, Heath was asked if he had known that joining the Common Market would lead to a federal Europe. `Of course I bloody did,’ he replied. Since then successive Prime Ministers have given away more and more of our sovereignty. ‘

Taken from How the EU is Destroying Our World by Daniel J Beddowes and Flavio Cipollini – available as an eBook and a paperback on Amazon.

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