Why Should Anyone Pay the BBC Licence Fee?

Vernon Coleman

I rather feel that many people are missing the point in complaining about the BBC’s evil plan to force the over 75s to pay for a damned television licence.

We really should be asking why anyone should be forced to pay money to the BBC.

It is absurd that we should have to pay good money to the State broadcaster before we can legally listen to anything broadcast live by anyone.

It’s as daft as saying that everyone must give £154 (or whatever it is this week) to BMW if they want to drive a Ford or Bentley or a Mercedes.

And there is no little irony in the fact that if you want to keep up with the news, as broadcast on television or radio, then you are legally obliged to give money to an organisation which is, in my view, the most corrupt and prejudiced broadcasting organisation in the world. Listening to the news on the BBC is like asking a Manchester United fan for an appraisal of Manchester City. You’ll get a viewpoint but it won’t be independent, fair or balanced.

Copyright Vernon Coleman June 2019