Why Millennials Arenít Like People

Sir Vernon Coleman MB ChB DSc FRSA

Have you noticed that millennials, and the generation which follows them, are not only mostly spoilt, snotty, smug, self- absorbed, self-satisfied, self-important whingers but also small, weedy and immature in every possible way?

Millennials all behave like school prefects (the junior equivalent of prison trustees); fussing around and oozing condescension. If they achieve a modicum of success in their chosen field, they expect to have a retinue, a team of `peopleí headed by a Chief of Staff. (As in `my peopleí will be in contact with `your peopleí.)

They have no sense of morality, no will, no focus and no courage. But they have loads of self-assurance.

They always expect to get their own way too. Thatís why so many of them cannot accept the nationís perfectly sensible decision to leave the EU. And itís why they want to stop people expressing opinions with which they do not agree.

And they practise grievance or insult politics. They find a sore, scratch it until it bleeds and then blame someone, anyone, everyone for their self-inflicted discomfort.

All rather childish when you stop and think about it.

But there is something else odd: the males look rather effeminate and the females are confused.

And there are good reasons for all this.

First, I have been pointing out for 30 years that our drinking water is enriched with female hormones (the reasons are explained on my website but the nub of the matter is that contraceptive pill hormones are excreted and end up in our drinking water).

It is clear that those hormones are now having a dramatic effect on the human race.

We have created generations of immature, whingeing cry babies who are the way they are because they are soaked in excess quantities of female hormones.

Second, I believe that modern generations have had their brains affected by all the vaccines theyíve been given. It is known that vaccines can cause brain damage.

Third, todayís millennials have been spoilt rotten by parents and teachers.

Sadly, future generations are probably going to be even worse.

Copyright Vernon Coleman 2018

Adapted from The Gamesís Afoot by Vernon Coleman Ė available as an ebook on Amazon.