Remainers Have Lit a Fire

Vernon Coleman

We were walking in Exeter the other day.

It used to be a smart city. No more. Today, it is a scruffy, lost, dying city full of beggars and scarred by empty shops.

We happened at one point to be walking behind a Muslim woman.

We walked past a smartly dressed man who was speaking on his phone. He looked up as the Muslim woman went past.

ĎFuck off back where you came from!í he shouted, glaring at the woman, full of hatred.

We all continued on our way.

I looked back. The man in the suit was glaring at the woman. After a few moments he resumed his telephone conversation.


But it is just the beginning. The anger everywhere outside London is palpable.

You can see it and hear it everywhere. Damnit you can almost feel it in some places.

There is anger about the levels of immigration we have been forced to accept.

There is anger about the Governmentís failure to take us out of the European Union.

And there is anger at the way that the politicians and the media seem unable to realise that the majority in this country voted to leave the EU. They didnít vote to leave a little bit. And they didnít vote to leave slowly. They voted to leave completely and immediately with no links remaining.

The Remainer politicians seem very pleased with themselves at the moment.

I was sickened by Soubry, Wollaston and the rest of that little band of MPs who quit their parties and then laughed for the cameras as though they had won some sort of great victory.

Oh how pleased they were with themselves. They reminded me of naughty schoolgirls stealing a day out after their examinations. Privileged little girls; too cocooned to understand the world around them; too arrogant to realise that as politicians they were elected to represent the people not to rule them. As naÔve and daft as those girls who went to join ISIS and then regretted it.

I donít give a damn about them leaving their parties (though I believe that if they had been honourable people they would have resigned their seats since they were only elected to Parliament because they were Party members) but I believe their arrogance and their attitudes have stoked the fire that is smouldering. Their plan to form a new Remainer party is so absurd it is laughable. Every political party in the country is a Remainer party. We need another Remainer party like we need more taxes.

I believe that Britain is going to move far, far right.

The MPs who are defying the people may think theyíve been clever.

But they have lit the fuse for race wars that will last a generation.

The Remainers will pour abuse on any and all right wing, nationalist politicians in England.

(In Scotland the SNP is very nationalistic and committed to the EU. But the Remainer MPs who sneer at English nationalists think the SNP is OK because the SNP loves the EU.)

But the fire is lit.

Labour party nutters think the Conservative party is right wing. But the Conservative party is now more left wing than Tony Blairís version of the Labour Party. It is far more left wing than the Democrats in the United States.

Remainer MPs think that UKIP is a right wing organisation.

Believe me, they havenít seen anything.

I fear for the future of Britain.

But the rioting, the violence, the burning, the fall into the chaos and the gradual collapse of our civilisation which lie ahead will be all the fault of the arrogant Remainer MPs who deliberately chose to defy the citizens and to destroy our democracy.

And thought themselves so very, very clever.

Copyright Vernon Coleman March 2019

I believe that If you want to see the EU crushed then you MUST read Zina Cohenís new book entitled The Shocking History of the EU Ė available on Amazon as a paperback and as an eBook. I have absolutely no doubt that if enough people read this book (and talk about it) then the EU will be permanently destroyed. Ms Cohenís book contains the proof that the EU was created by Nazis. She points out, for example, that Walter Hallstein, the first President of the European Commission, had been a Nazi officer who had helped write the original document calling for the elimination of the Jewish race.

A few words of warning: if you do an internet search to look for background information about the EU beware Ė many of the relevant Wikipedia sites have been cleansed of references to the Nazis. (I wonder who did that?) But the information showing that the EU was created by Nazis is there if you keep looking. And Ms Cohenís book contains a valuable bibliography. I have bought all the books she lists and every claim she makes is absolutely accurate.