Rambling Litterbugs

Dr Vernon Coleman MB ChB DSc FRSA

I have been lucky enough to own four houses with public footpaths running alongside them.

The one thing I have learned is that walkers and ramblers are inveterate litterbugs.

At each of those houses, I have been bombarded with rubbish.

We get plastic drink bottles and metal drink cans tossed or hurled over our hedge and into our garden.

Rubbish bins are ignored.

The worst culprits are the walkers with rucksacks, maps and thumb sticks.

You would imagine that they cared about the world but they don’t.

When they’ve finished their bottle of fresh kiwi juice or their container of drinkable yoghurt, over goes the empty container – to lie festering in the undergrowth in our garden.

The walkers with dogs are the worst.

Most allow their dogs to foul footpaths (oblivious to the fact that the toxocara bug which is a common ingredient of dog shit is a significant cause of blindness in children).

But the 20% who `pick up’ their dogs excreta and put it into little, plastic bags are even more annoying. They either hurl their little goodie bags over our hedge or they hang them on one of our trees. At the end of a warm summer’s day, the trees which hang over the footpath are festooned with non-biodegradable bags of dogshit.

Curiously, the worst culprits are the 30 and 40-year-old walkers who have copies of The Guardian stuffed in their anorak pockets and Ordinance Survey maps in plastic folders slung around their necks.

And I bet they’re all bloody remainers who have as little real pride in their country as they have in its countryside.

Copyright Vernon Coleman 2018