A Dozen Little Known but prolific Wikipedia Editors

Dr Vernon Coleman

Who edits Wikipedia – the eminently unreliable fake encyclopaedia which is written by anonymous, amateur propaganda specialists?

My team of researchers has put together a secret list of some of the Wikipedia editors who have between them, compiled and edited an estimated 47 million Wikipedia pages. Many of these editors deserve special credit because their best work for Wikipedia was done after they had died.

Here is my research team’s list of Wikipedia’s most notable and trustworthy editors:

1. Charles Ponzi
2. Bernie Madoff
3. Kim Philby
4. Attila the Hun
5. Horatio Bottomley
6. Jeremy Thorpe
7. Genghis Khan
8. Lord Haw Haw
9. Tokyo Rose
10. Aleister Crowley
11. Robert Maxwell
12. Richard Nixon

NB There is an analysis of Wikipedia in Vernon Coleman’s latest book `Truth Teller: The Price’.

Copyright Vernon Coleman November 2023