Old Lives Matter

Dr Vernon Coleman MB ChB DSc FRSA

This is not a fashionable thing to say but blacks are not the most ignored, oppressed, misused and discriminated against group of people in the world.

The most ignored, oppressed, misused and discriminated against are the elderly.

And it isn’t difficult to find the evidence.

For example, UK broadcasters run a non-profit organisation called the Creative Diversity Network which exists to measure diversity in the UK’s broadcasters. They study 30 channels in the UK.

Their latest report showed that BAME people make up 12.9% of the population but 22.7% of onscreen contributions. Disabled people and transgender people are also over-represented on TV screens.

But there is one group which is under-represented – the over 50s. Curiously, inexplicably and rather offensively these broadcasters seem to regard 50 as elderly. To me it seems very young.

The over 50s make up 36% of the UK population but are under represented at 24.6%.

So the evidence clearly shows that black people are over-represented and the elderly are much under-represented.

Why then is the BBC spending £100 million of taxpayers money to produce yet more diverse content?

Sadly, this is nothing new, of course.

In 1967, Barbara Robb put together a book about the abuse of the elderly. It was entitled `Sans Everything – a Case to Answer’. (The title is, of course, taken from Shakespeare’s `As You Like It’ and the full phrase is `sans teeth, sans eyes, sans taste, sans everything’).

The book developed because on 10th Novermber 1965 a letter appeared in The Times protesting about the plight of old people in hospital. The writers of the letter complained about the evil practice then all too common of the staff in general and geriatric hospitals of taking spectacles, dentures and hearing aids away from the elderly and leaving them `to vegetate in loneliness and idleness’.

That was 1965.

C.H. Rolph pointed out that we needed `to protect the defenceless invalid against physical discomfort, emotional exploitation and deprivation, indifference, exasperation and neglect’. He went on to say that practices in one British hospital were `a catalogue of cruelty, callousness, filth and depersonalisation such as I have not read since I was reviewing the reports of the Nuremberg trials’.

The truly alarming thing is that the treatment of elderly patients is now worse than it was in the 1960s.

It is hard to believe but true that doctors and nurses have been given official authority to deprive the elderly of food and water so that they die as quickly as possible.

The elderly used to be respected and admired, and consulted for their wisdom and experience.

Today, I’m afraid that the elderly are too often ignored, abused, despised and taken advantage of; dismissed as nuisances, invisible in fifty shades of beige.

Politicians seem to do everything they can to belittle and demean the elderly. Newspaper commentators have weighed in with their heavy boots too and several have claimed that the elderly should not be allowed to vote. Why? Most pensioners have spent their lives working and paying tax so why should they be deprived of a voice just because they’ve passed a certain birthday. A good number of older folk have far more get up and go than most youngsters and their knowledge of current affairs is surely helped not hindered by their experience and accumulated wisdom.

I am convinced that when utility companies put the elderly onto special lists it is not so that they can provide them with extra services but so that they can charge them extra and treat them appallingly. All that patronising stuff about wrapping up when the weather is cold and drinking plenty when its hot. Really. Oh and don’t forget to breathe.

It is hardly surprising that so many older folk are now so desperate to deny their age that they spend a fortune on cosmetic surgery in an attempt to preserve the youth they have lost. (Oddly enough, however, it is customary for such individuals to take pride in telling those they meet their real age. There is something charmingly contradictory in having plastic surgery to disguise your age and then telling everyone you meet precisely how old you are.)

Worse still, of course, the elderly are now being officially slaughtered in just about every country in the world. Governments know that because of the absurd levels of expenditure on the coronavirus hoax they will not be able to provide a decent health are service. They will expect younger citizens to look after themselves (by losing excess weight and controlling bad habits such as drinking and smoking) and they will deny health care completely to those who disobey. The elderly will merely be denied treatment.

I find it impossible to believe that administrators around the world all made the same terrible mistake in sending hospital patients into care homes.

No, there has been a coordinated, massive extermination programme.

The only logical conclusion is that thousands of old people around the world have been murdered. As a result governments around the world have saved themselves billions in long term health costs. And those same governments will also save themselves billions of pounds a year because of the pensions they won’t have to pay.

It has been a holocaust.

Incidentally, the dictionary defines a holocaust as slaughter on a mass scale. And I cannot think of a more appropriate word because that is what this has been.

We have to remember the obvious: that the residents in care homes are there because they are ill and need care. Most have several serious disorders. They may have heart problems, respiratory problems, neurological problems, cancer or any number of other serious health disorders. And because they probably don’t eat well, and don’t take any exercise, their immune systems are pretty well shot.

It is inconceivable that health care administrators didn’t know that.

And yet they sent untested hospital patients who were thought to have the coronavirus, and some of whom might have had it, into those care homes where the vulnerable patients caught the infection and died. Were those patients sent in as Trojan horse killers?

The result would have been the same if the patients being sent from hospital had the flu.

You wouldn’t put a patient with the flu into a care home, would you?

It would be criminal.

But they did that with suspected coronavirus patients.

And things were made worse because the staff in the care homes had no idea about barrier nursing and they had no equipment.

And, worst of all, they were terrified that the coronavirus was going to kill everyone who caught it because evil governments and evil journalists had spread lie after lie after lie about the disease. Care home staff were told to keep out relatives and friends – for absolutely no sane reason – and some care home staff simply ran away, with about 40% of staff simply disappearing in France for example.

In the North East of England half of care homes had a coronavirus outbreak. In Scotland nearly half of all coronavirus deaths occurred in care homes. Nearly half of all coronavirus deaths in Sweden occurred in care homes. In Spain, two thirds of the coronavirus deaths occurred in care homes. In Italy no one seems to have any idea how many old people died in care homes – alone, without staff or family. Many of the elderly didn’t actually die of the coronavirus – though that was put on the death certificates – they died of thirst.

In England and Wales in the 11 weeks until 22nd May there were 50,000 care home deaths. That’s double the expected number.

Is anyone going to try to convince us this was all an unfortunate accident?

How many were killed by this wicked plan?

I have no idea. And nor does anyone else. But the exaggerated figure for the total number of coronavirus deaths includes a very high percentage of elderly patients who need not have died.

If I had to make an educated estimate I would suggest that the number of elderly patients murdered globally between the beginning of March and the end of May 2020 was somewhere between 100,000 and 150,000. That’s a fairly conservative estimate.

If any other group of people had been slaughtered so deliberately and so ruthlessly there would be unbelievable outpourings of anger visible on our streets.

Imagine if 100,000 teenagers had been deliberately murdered in three months – because they were teenagers.

Imagine if 100,000 women had been deliberately murdered in three months – because they were women.

Imagine if 100,000 black people had been deliberately murdered in three months – because they were black.

Why have there been no demonstrations about the old people who were killed?

How many celebrities have you seen or heard shouting out about the murder of old people?

No, nor me.

The real tragedy here is that although this is the worst mass slaughter of the elderly in modern history it isn’t actually anything new.

Old people have been murdered for years without anyone taking any notice. My video on the subject was taken down by YouTube. There is only one serious –ism in most developed countries today – ageism. It is deeply offensive that this is not taken seriously. We all know that black lives matter but don’t old lives matter too?

Euthanasia (sometimes admitted and sometimes not) is now commonly practised in so-called civilised societies around the world and the elderly are invariably the victims.

For many years in the UK, doctors and nurses were encouraged to follow something called the Liverpool Care Pathway.

This was a murderers’ charter, which allowed doctors and nurses to withhold food, water and essential treatment from patients who were over 65 and who were, therefore, regarded as an expensive and entirely disposable nuisance.

Then the Liverpool Care Pathway was replaced by something called Sustainable Development Goals (which originated with the United Nations and which is, therefore, global).

Sustainable Development Goals allows the doctors and hospitals to discriminate against anyone over the age of 70 on the grounds that people who die when they are over 70 cannot be said to have died `prematurely’ and so will not count when the nation’s healthcare is being assessed.

Governments everywhere love this new rule because it gives the State permission to get rid of citizens who are of pensionable age and, therefore, regarded by society’s accountants as a `burden’.

In Holland one eminent doctor has claimed that the elderly are not admitted to hospitals – and certainly not to intensive care units. `The Netherlands does not hospitalise the weak and the elderly in order to make room for young people.’

Don’t believe me? A survey of 6,600 patients in the Netherlands found that treatment – including drugs, food and water, were most likely to be withheld from the over 65s. And in 56% of cases doctors didn’t bother to discuss their failure to treat with their patients or patients relatives.

I have also seen claims that the elderly are routinely killed in Germany, France, Italy and Spain. Age has become a criterion for triage. Genocide is coming to a town near you – if it isn’t already there.

Back in 2015 when doctors in America were reported to be withholding treatment from elderly patients, doctors said it wasn’t ageism. They didn’t say what it was though. It certainly wasn’t stamp collecting. And it wasn’t kindness or proper, decent medical practice.

Michael Bloomberg, the billionaire who nearly became the Democrat Presidential candidate in 2020, said America should deny healthcare to the elderly. There was no suggestion that the morality of it be discussed.

In Canada patients have been buried without post-mortems and, as elsewhere, they were said to have died of the coronavirus if they were thought to have the bug. If a patient with a knife sticking out of their chest had sneezed within 14 days of their death then they died of coronavirus.

This isn’t entirely new, of course.

In the UK it was way back in February 2005 that it was revealed that the British Government had advised that hospital patients with little hope of recovery should be allowed to die because of the cost of keeping them alive.

The key words were ‘little hope of recovery’.

Those words that don’t mean anything.

Any doctor worthy of the name will tell you that they’ve seen patients get better despite there having been `little hope of recovery’.

But Tony Blair’s Labour Government suggested that `old people' be denied the right to food and water if they fell into a coma or couldn't speak for themselves.

So, patients should be killed if they couldn’t speak for themselves.

So much for any hope for stroke victims.

Blair’s Government suggested that the need to cut costs came before the need to preserve the lives of patients and decided it had the right to overturn a right-to-life ruling which had been made when a judge ordered that artificial nutrition and hydration should not be withdrawn unless the life of a patient could be described as `intolerable'. The judge had added that when there was any doubt, preservation of life should take precedence.

Depriving the elderly of food and water is done all the time. Drinks or food are put on a tray and, if the patient is too ill or weak to reach them then they are taken away untouched. In most hospitals no one bothers to feed patients who cannot feed themselves.

Meanwhile, the Government pours money into vanity projects and wastes money on foreign aid programmes which result in crooked politicians putting billions into Swiss bank accounts.

But the elderly are classified as the `Unwanted Generation'.

Anyone of pensionable age is a political embarrassment and to be ignored or dumped or killed.

Elderly individuals facing blindness from age-related macular disease are denied drugs that might have prevented their blindness because they are considered expensive, useless and expendable. The theory is that they don't contribute and rarely vote and can, therefore, be disregarded.

How have we managed to forget that in the 1930s the Nazis deliberately starved and dehydrated elderly and vulnerable patients because they were regarded as a useless burden on society?

That is exactly what we are doing today.

We’re killing people off if they are old and can’t complete an Iron Man Triathalon.

Governments around the world are deciding that because of the difficulty involved in dealing with what is now proven to be nothing more than a mild case of the flu they can no longer treat the elderly at all.

Many of the young may shrug at this with indifference but they should remember two things.

First, they may one day be old themselves.

And second, the age regarded as `old’ is likely to be subjected to the standard creep phenomenon.

Those who don’t much care about the elderly being killed will themselves be old sooner than they think. After all young people, if they are lucky, eventually become old people.

And they should remember that the definition of ‘old’ is getting younger by the year.

Governments have decided that the over 70s cannot be treated. But in some countries the cut off age is 65. And in five years they may reduce the cut off age to 60. And by the end of the decade the 55 year olds will be lucky to receive a bottle of aspirin tablets if they have a heart attack or break a leg.

This is a form of euthanasia. Or maybe eugenics would be a better word. Or population control.

It was something the Nazis thought they were good at.

But they were mere amateurs.

Copyright Vernon Coleman July 2020

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