Labour Party Leader Keir Starmer Has Promised to Push Up Fuel Prices and Kill Loads of People

Dr Vernon Coleman

With a remarkable burst of honesty Keir Starmer has promised to push fuel prices so high that most voters wonít be able to keep warm or eat food. The mortality figures should rocket. And heís promised that the unemployment figures will be boosted by the 200,000 people working in the oil and gas sector.

(Actually, thatís not quite what he promised, of course. He promised to end oil and gas exploration in the North Sea but the end result will be the same. Higher prices for fuel, more dependence on other nations, more deaths from the cold and 200,000 people joining the jobless.)

Starmer has also promised to introduce a massive insulation campaign (letís hope it is planned better than the campaign which rendered thousands of homes useless), easier planning for wind farms (which wonít work, of course) and the establishment of a new body called Great British Energy (which will result in loads of well-paid quango jobs for civil servants and MPs who have failed miserably at their previous jobs.)

All something to look forward to if youíre a Brexit hater hoping to see things get ever worse in England.

With or without Starmer in No 10, the future is bleak to say the least.

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You need to know whatís coming.

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