The Stupidities Keep Coming but Lockdowns are Finished

Dr Vernon Coleman MB ChB DSc FRSA

Every day I see more horrors that shock me and then enrage me. It has at last been announced that churches, synagogues and mosques may open on 15th June, together with hairdressers and some shops, but only for private prayer. They say that places of worship will remain shut for services until Christmas and maybe longer. Maybe for ever.

Why? What rational reason can there be for this? They cannot open places of worship even if social distancing is observed? Why?

There is no scientific reason for it. If they are worried about people singing and blowing out extra air then just ban singing, though as far as I know there is not, as yet, any law banning signing in the street.

The only conceivable reason for this is to suppress religion and prevent people obtaining comfort and solace from the expression of their beliefs.

When are the clergy going to find the courage to defy this stupid and oppressive law, defy the governments and open up places of worship? To keep them closed is a betrayal, an act of supreme cowardice by religious leaders at a time when people need the comfort of religion more than ever. My congratulations to those clergymen in the US who have opened up their churches and been arrested.

Then I saw that children in school playgrounds have been told that they are allowed to throw a ball but they aren’t allowed to catch one.

Think about this for a moment.

Children in the school playground, standing in a chalked square or a hula hoop laid upon the ground can throw a ball but they cannot catch one.

So the child stands there, alone and silent and terrified and throws their ball.

That’s it.

No one can throw it back. Or if they do the child cannot catch it. They stand there along, and silent and terrified that a bug laden ball thrown by someone else might hit them.

What a stupid, criminal and cruel ban.

What do they think children are going to catch from catching a ball? By and large the coronavirus is not a bug which usually does much harm to children.

The world has gone stark raving mad and the lunacy I described in a previous video in which people were told to hop so that they halved the non existent risk of carrying the virus on the soles of their shoes, gets closer to reality by the day. Some might say that countries are now run by homicidal psychopaths determined to destroy every generation – present and future. I couldn’t possibly comment.

The prospect of there being any sort of recognisable world left at the end of this stupid, pointless, criminal lockdown is now remote.

In the US it has been estimated that unemployment is as high as 36% and nearly half of the job cuts will never be restored. A quarter of restaurants say they will never reopen. And hundreds of thousands of small businesses are probably finished.

Next, there is the wretched R number that our supremely ignorant politicians keep bandying about as though it were important.

The R number, they insist, must fall because it measures the rate at which the disease is likely to spread.

Well, I’ll tell you something about the R number.

I think it’s irrelevant – it doesn’t matter a damn.

What matters is not the number of people who catch the disease but the number of people who die from it. And we know that that’s lower than the number who die from the flu.

They have, after six months, managed to get the global total number of coronavirus deaths up to 400,000 by cheating. And crumbs weren’t they excited by that. But the World Health Organisation says that in the same sort of time period the flu can kill 650,000.

So, ignore anyone who goes on about the R number.

And ignore the promises to reduce social distancing in Britain from six feet six inches to three feet three inches. If they do that we will be expected to rejoice and to accept the shorter distance as permanent. And they will tell us that we will also have to wear masks permanently.

And ignore too the weasly promises not to make their damned wonder vaccination compulsory. They will be too frightened to make it compulsory by law so they will make it compulsory be default. Unless you have your vaccination certificate or perhaps your vaccine number tattooed on your arm you won’t be allowed to use the health service, have a bank account with a credit card, have a passport or a driving licence. And since they will get rid of cash, without a credit card you won’t be able to buy food. But the vaccination won’t be compulsory.

My big concern about the recent Black Lives Matter demonstrations is that the demonstrators, many of whom dutifully wore masks, and who obviously care about people, have not been demonstrating about the hundreds of thousands of elderly folk, black and white and every other colour, who have been murdered in care homes and nursing homes by the incompetence or criminal actions of hospital administrators.

Why not demonstrate about them?

Celebrities have been joining in the Black Lives Matter campaign – showing how caring they are.

But I haven’t heard or seen many celebrities speaking out about the mass extermination of care home residents – how many would bother to shout `Old Folk Matter’?

However, some good has come out of the demonstrations.

The police support for those demonstrators has made it impossible for the police to stop anti-lockdown demonstrations. They cannot possibly arrest anti-lockdown demonstrations now without making it very clear that the police have become blatantly political.

And by the same token the police can no longer arrest anyone who breaks social distancing laws. They didn’t arrest the thousands who protested as part of the Black Lives Matter campaign and so how can they now arrest those who choose to break social distancing laws on the streets, in parks, on beaches, in pubs or in their homes?

The Black Lives Matter protestors didn’t realise it but they marked the end of the lockdown and social distancing laws. The police who knelt during those demonstrations must now shout out `Stop the lockdowns’ and `End social distancing’.

If our politicians and police try to continue with these absurd laws we can all point the finger and accuse them of hypocrisy and we will have proof of what we have known for a long time: that the lockdown and social distancing laws have nothing to do with a virus and everything to do with money and power.

Copyright Vernon Coleman June 2020

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