What I said about Lockdowns in April 2020

Dr Vernon Coleman

The Daily Telegraph carried this headline today (Friday 19th August 2022):


Why has it taken them this long?

Below you can read the Preface taken from my book `Coming Apocalypse’ – which was published in April 2020.

For writing `Coming Apocalypse’ I was vilified and demonised. My reputation was trashed and my career ruined. You can decide whether I was right to publish the warnings in that book.

Right from the start I told you it was the biggest hoax in history. I felt strongly that it wasn’t going to be a rerun of the plague and I believed that the so-called experts had got it wrong and had, for whatever reasons, manufactured a false crisis. Back at the beginning of March, I was right in suggesting that populations were not going to die in the numbers that the mathematicians suggested. I described it as a jumped up little flu infection but suggestions that the `crisis’ infection could be compared to the ordinary flu were officially dismissed as ‘dangerous nonsense’.

There was a widespread misconception that the models devised by the mathematicians at Imperial College in London were providing accurate and scientific predictions. In reality, they were offering nothing more than extrapolations – the posh word for estimates – and could in no way be regarded as science.

I was the first to suggest that the so-called ‘cure’ (the lockdown policies and the refusal to treat other patients to ‘protect’ them from infection) would kill far more people than the disease. The lockdown policies seem to have been recommended by a panicky World Health Organisation, though Imperial College’s prediction of eight million Britons in hospital and half a million deaths certainly helped to spice up the panic in the UK.

My criticisms of the Government’s policy were sniffily dismissed with the sanctimonious reminder that lives were at stake. However, back in mid-March, it seemed quite obvious that the exaggerated response to the infection was going to do massive harm to the health of the nation and that far more people were going to die as a result of the ‘cure’ than would die from the disease.

So now it is time to assess the damage that has been done and see how the ‘cure’ will damage our way of life and dominate everything we do for decades.

I hope I’m wrong this time because I suspect that the so-called ‘cure’ will do more damage to the way we live than anything else anyone can remember since the plague swept through Europe.

I’m afraid, however, that I believe I am right again.

The politicians, the scientists, the advisors and the media who all promoted this ill-described ‘crisis’ as though it were a second coming of the plague, will doubtless all insist that the damage done by the lockdown was necessary. (I prefer the more accurate term ‘house arrest’ to the rather Orwellian ‘lockdown’). They will insist that there will be few long-term consequences from their combined stupidity and betrayal. Indeed, I am pretty confident that they will claim (against all the evidence) that it was only their lockdown policy which saved us from far more deaths. Knighthoods and peerages will no doubt be distributed to those who promoted the idea of a ‘crisis’ requiring unprecedented treatment. However, I believe that their policies have caused far more deaths than they have prevented. If accurate figures are ever obtained, they will prove me right. (The plight of poorer countries is being ignored. Around the world one billion people rely on the $715 billion sent back home by workers in rich countries. Huge numbers of those people will starve without that money.)

Moreover, the evidence shows that those countries which did not put their citizens under house arrest, have suffered far fewer deaths than those countries which did.

The long-term effect of the most egregiously stupid public policies in history, and the failure of public health management, will be to take many nations back into the Dark Ages. The appallingly designed solution will ensure that countries which have ventured into the absurd lunacy of lockdowns will cause chaos and destroy capitalism in just the way the climate change campaigners were demanding.

I was, I fear, right about the hoax.

Now, in this short book, I will summarise what has happened so far and then explain how I think our lives are going to be affected.

Vernon Coleman, 30th April 2020

The above Preface is taken from `Coming Apocalypse’ by Vernon Coleman. The book, which was the first to be published about the fake pandemic, is still available as a paperback and an eBook.

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