Lockdowns: The Final Analysis

Dr Vernon Coleman

Time and time again throughout the last three years we have heard of politicians and their aides and advisors ignoring their own lockdown laws in 2020. (And if the police can arrest you for breaking it then it’s a law not a rule.)

Now, film has emerged of UK Government aides dancing and partying while members of the public were told they couldn’t mix with others or visit relatives in hospital. A video now widely available shows Conservative party activists at a Christmas party while the covid restrictions were in force. Boris Johnson, the former British Prime Minister, is out of the House of Commons and in disgrace because an investigation concluded that he lied about attending a party.

This, and the many other examples of people in power ignoring the law, show one thing: no one in Government took the covid warnings seriously. They knew that covid was not a killer. They knew there was nothing to be afraid of. They knew there was another motive for the lockdown laws.

At the beginning of the simulated panic over the fake covid pandemic, governments all around the world chose the same option and used a word traditionally used in prisons to summarise their decisions. They announced that they were introducing lockdowns to control the movement of populations and, they claimed, to reduce the spread of what had by then been officially labelled as no more dangerous than the traditional annual flu – a disease which the World Health Organization had reported can result in 650,000 deaths in a six month flu season in a bad year.

Lockdowns were introduced without there being any evidence that they would be of value and, indeed, against all the available evidence that they would do untold harm. When infectious diseases cause problems it is traditional to insist that those who are infected are isolated and kept away from those who are healthy. This is how quarantine works. Locking up the healthy in order to protect them from the sick, or to prevent the spread of disease, was known to be irrational and it wasn’t difficult to see that it would do considerably more harm than good, though that, of course, was always the plan.

(One surprise, incidentally, was that within hours of the lockdowns being introduced thousands of tills in hundreds of supermarkets were all equipped with neat, specially made plastic screens. It was almost as if they knew.)

Here is what I wrote about lockdowns in my book `Coming Apocalypse’ which I published in April 2020:

`It will take generations to escape from the chaos and economic misery caused by this absurdly hysterical overreaction. Indeed, the economic chaos facing us all is so great that, among the wildest conspiracy theories is the notion that the whole fiasco is merely a cover to destroy capitalism and satisfy climate change campaigners.’

`The long-term effect of the most egregiously stupid public policies in history, and the failure of public health management, will be to take many nations back into the Dark Ages. The appallingly designed solution will ensure that countries which have ventured into the absurd lunacy of lockdowns will cause chaos and destroy capitalism in just the way the climate change campaigners were demanding.’

`Governments and advisors have completely destroyed the world we know. I repeat: we are all going to have to pay a massive price for the global lockdowns. And yet there was never any evidence that lockdowns would help. The evidence shows that they have done far more harm than good. I have seen claims in the press that every country has put its citizens under house arrest but this is not true.‘

`On 30th March I suggested on www.vernoncoleman.com that the unnecessary death figure would be 100,000 to 250,000. No one is now suggesting that there will be anywhere near that number of deaths from the `crisis’ in the UK.’

All those above paragraphs are taken from `Coming Apocalypse’ which was published in April 2020. For daring to say those things I was vilified, lied about and professional destroyed. (`Coming Apocalypse’ is still available as an eBook and a paperback.)

Despite evidence which proved that lockdowns were ineffective and incredibly harmful, the Chinese government was, just a few months ago, still using lockdowns, ostensibly in an attempt to wipe out covid-19, though with absolutely no evidence that the lockdowns would do what was expected of them. After several months of lockdowns there had been only one death which was allegedly linked to the death of a patient – and that patient was an 87-year-old man. Whether he died of covid or with it is not known.

The Chinese government blamed the low uptake of the much reviled and distrusted covid vaccine for their lockdown policy and it was clear that they were using lockdowns as a punishment, as an incentive for more people to accept the vaccine and as part of their programme of forcing the population to be more compliant and to fit more comfortably into a society dominated by the sinister principles of social credit. (For more about social credit please read my book `Social Credit: Nightmare on your Street’.)

The financial cost of the lockdowns has been colossal. In the UK alone, nearly a trillion pounds of taxpayers’ money was wasted on furlough schemes (and on masks and other protective equipment which was never used). Some of the financial schemes were, to say the least, bizarre. So, for example, the UK Government spent nearly a billion pounds paying people to eat out in restaurants (ostensibly to help the restaurants survive). And, as though determined to get through as much taxpayers’ money as possible, civil servants spent £490,000 on mindfulness apps, guided meditations and bedtime stories to help themselves deal with all the stress. (Honestly. In the first part of 2022, UK Government departments spent £45,124 on subscriptions to an app that reads sleep stories to users.)

The lockdowns ruined public finances, allowed central banks to print imaginary money by the theoretical lorry-load, caused permanent damage to all branches of hospitality and physical retail, ruined public transport (the trade unions succeeded in destroying what was left by initiating a series of damaging strikes which seemed designed to close public transport for ever), helped to spark double digit inflation, ruined the education of a generation and produced millions of psychologically damaged children, many of whom will, as a result, go through life unable to read, write or add two to two and get an answer close to four. None of this happened by accident, of course.

But the financial cost of the lockdowns palls beside the human cost. The lockdowns resulted in the closure of many hospital departments and gave GPs an excuse to close their surgeries and to stop seeing patients (except when giving them toxic and useless injections with the covid-19 jab). The hospital staff members and the GPs were, of course, still being paid and, indeed, the huge fees paid out to GPs meant that doctors were earning £50,000 to £100,000 a year in covid bonuses. The result of all that free money floating into the bank accounts probably partly explains why by the summer of 2022 the average GP had cut their working week to three days (though still being paid their usual £100,000 to £120,000 a year.)

On the surface it appears that governments which introduced lockdowns were panicking. But you can only believe that if you believe that everything else which has happened since the beginning of 2020 has been accidental or a result of incompetence. You’d have to be a great believer in coincidences to believe that.

And it is obvious that the lockdowns were NOT introduced because politicians genuinely believed in the threat of covid. If they did believe then why did so many politicians, aides and advisors blatantly ignore the laws?

The lockdowns, like the absurd social distancing rules and the dangerous masks, were introduced as a training programme: to force people to be compliant. The lockdowns were intended to do the terrible things I warned about in my book `Coming Apocalypse’: to destroy relationships, to destroy families, to destroy jobs, to destroy the mental and physical health of billions and to destroy the world economy.

(My warnings about the lockdowns were, of course, removed from YouTube and widely banned.)

It is now clear that the lockdown laws have been very effective at all the things I warned about.

If you want to know more about the future we now face please read my book `They want your money and your life’. You can buy a copy via the bookshops on www.vernoncoleman.com and www.vernoncoleman.org.

The future is even more terrifying than anything that has happened in the last three years.

Copyright Vernon Coleman June 2023