Does the London Mayor Hate Poor People?

Vernon Coleman

The Mayor of London, Sadiq Khan, is now going to charge the drivers of vehicles which were registered prior to 2006 an extra £10 (in addition to the £11.50 congestion charge) to enter central London.

The year 2006 has been selected because vehicles which were registered before then do not meet EU directives regulating vehicle emissions.

The important point, however, which no one seems to have noticed, is that the new charge will discriminate against the poor.

Only people who canít afford posh new cars and vans drive vehicles which are over a decade old. And because they are poor those individuals will be penalised.

This is a good way to punish people for being poor and to help keep them poor.

Khan, Londonís first Muslim Mayor is also said to want builders to make houses without car parking spaces.

I assume he thinks that if people donít have a garage or a driveway they will not buy cars. This is nonsense.

The people who cannot afford bigger houses with garages and driveways will simply waste time struggling to park their cars on the street Ė where their vehicles will be prey to vandals and car thieves.

Does Mayor Khan have a car, I wonder?

Limousine perhaps? With a chauffeur?

Sadiq Khan is paid over £140,000 a year.

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