Trafalgar Square, 29th August, 2020 Vernon Coleman

Vernon Coleman

I donít look at social media very much because I am banned from Facebook and Twitter. But on Tuesday I discovered (by accident) that I was supposed to be speaking at a rally in London on 29th August.

I had heard about the rally but my name was not on the list of official speakers published by the organisers some time earlier. I donít know how the rumour spread that I had been invited and would be present.

Concerned and embarrassed, I wrote to one of the organisers and was told that an invitation had been sent a few days earlier. I then received an official invitation late afternoon on Tuesday 25th August. I felt embarrassed because it seemed that I was pushing myself forward as a speaker. I was certainly not doing that.

I live a very long way from London and to travel to Trafalgar Square would mean travelling up on Friday and staying until Sunday. This would mean trying to fix trains and a hotel at short notice. And it would also mean losing three days for research and work on the videos. (We have been working full time on these for months Ė and the time spent on them seems to expand.) Moreover, I already had other commitments to fulfil which I did not feel able to cancel. Regretfully, I had to say no. The notice was just too short. I did however offer to record and send a special video for possible showing on the Trafalgar Square screen. I was asked to keep the video under seven minutes. I wrote and recorded a video on the 26th August and sent it by email. (It took all day because it took me five takes and a good deal of rewriting to make sure I kept the video under seven minutes without excluding the information I felt vital!)

I donít know whether or not the organisers will be able to show the video but whether they are or not it will appear on Saturday on my YouTube channel as a short `specialí. My videos will appear as usual on Sunday and Wednesday evenings at 7 pm.

I am sure that the rally will be a huge success and although I am honoured to have been invited I am truly sorry that I cannot be there. It would have been a huge comfort to see and be with so many like-minded people.

I hope all those attending travel safely and have a great time. There is a fine array of eminent speakers and Iíd like to congratulate the organisers on obtaining permission to arrange an event in Trafalgar Square. Iíve spoken there several times in the past and itís a marvellous venue.

If you have a twitter or facebook account I would be grateful if you would share this information and help promote the event.

Hopefully, the Government will take notice and listen to the peopleís voice.

We will win this war.

Vernon Coleman, 26th August