The Brexit Battle Has A Long Way To Go – Here’s How You Can Make a Difference

Dr Vernon Coleman MB ChB DSc FRSA

Battalions of failed and unpopular politicians, traitors all, are fighting hard to protect their beloved EU from the will of the British people.

Mandelson, Blair and Clegg, all disgraced members of the political establishment, all yesterday’s men, have announced that they intend to stop the UK from cutting ties with the EU.

These absurd but dangerous men (and others like them) don’t seem to give a damn that a sizeable majority of Britons voted to leave the EU. They think they know better than the British people – the folk who pay their salaries and expenses.

Mandelson has been publicly disgraced on several occasions. He bought a house with a £373,000 interest free loan and failed to declare the loan to his building society or the House of Commons Register of Members’ Interests. He appeared to resign reluctantly but I find it difficult to believe that an ordinary member of the public would not have found himself in serious trouble for misleading a building society. He resigned a second time following accusations that he had used his position to influence a passport application for an Indian businessman. And he claimed £3,000 worth of work on his constituency home less than a week after announcing his decision to stand down as an MP.

Blair is a war criminal who would, in a just world, be serving a long prison sentence. Only a man with no principles or sense of shame would continue to see a role in public life after the publication of the Chilcot Report.

Clegg was a toxic leader whose deceits, and failure to understand Britain and the British, destroyed an entire political party.

The EU will struggle to survive without Britain as a member. And Britain’s departure will probably lead to the collapse of the entire EU project. All these three men have strong personal reasons for putting the EU above the UK.

Mandelson and Clegg both have close personal and financial links with the EU.

Mandelson was an EU commissioner. (While he was a commissioner he spent New Year’s Eve with a businessman whose company was the centre of a major EU investigation.). As a former EU Commissioner Mandelson will receive a pension of £31,000 a year when he reaches the age of 65. But he will not receive this pension unless he remains loyal to the EU. Mandelson clearly has a personal, financial interest in protecting and promoting the EU.

(Incidentally, I think this tells us a great deal about the fascist, dictatorial EU. The very idea that an organisation can decree that if its former employees do not remain loyal they may lose their pension is deeply offensive and manipulative. Can you imagine the scandal if, say, Tesco or BT announced that if any of its employees made uncomplimentary remarks about the company then they would no longer receive their pension? There would be a national outcry.’)

And as a former EU employee, Clegg received up to £2.5 million in salary, allowances and expenses. Clegg worked as an EU employee and as an MEP. His wife also worked as an EU official. Clegg is also in line for an EU pension.

Blair’s position is rather different in that he has not worked directly for the EU. However, his personal interests always seem to me to come well ahead of the interest of his country (I still believe he took Britain to war to ingratiate himself with Bush and American business leaders) and I have no doubt that he still hopes to be offered one of the three cushy, absurdly overpaid EU presidencies.

The Evil Trio and their ignorant, treacherous, half-baked supporters and sympathisers will try every dirty trick they can think of to make sure that Adolf Hitler’s dream of a United States of Europe remains alive and kicking.

• They will continue with the bizarre lies they told during the Referendum campaign.
• They will dream up new threats of economic disaster if Britain tries to go it alone. There will be much talk of unemployment, a falling pound and war with Europe.
• They will talk down Britain and tell us again and again that Britain is too weak and pathetic to survive without the comforting arms of the EU wrapped tightly around us.
• They will warn us that if we leave the EU then the Scots will vote for their own independence. This is absurd, fairy tale nonsense. Only complete lunatics would think that Scotland could possibly survive as an independent country. If Scotland left the UK it would go bust within a year.
• They will campaign for a second referendum arguing (with no evidence whatsoever) that the British people have had second thoughts, come to their senses, changed their minds and realised just how lonely they’ll be without the EU. They will continue with Project Fear. And more lawsuits and attempts to oppose democracy will appear. You have to be very pompous and arrogant to try to use the law courts to help overthrow the will of the British people. The EU and its supporters do not believe in democracy.
• Mark Carney, the ex-Goldman Sachs banker, will doubtless warn that we will be subjected to a plague of boils, that interest rates will soar to 1%, that house prices will fail to double next year if we don’t apologise to the EU and beg to be taken back into the fold.

So, what can those of us who care about our country, our independence, our freedom and our prosperity do to protect our future from these whingeing quislings?

The answer is that we should get out the writing paper, the envelopes and the stamps and write some good old-fashioned letters.

The value of the internet as a campaigning medium has reached a peak. There are so many people twittering and putting messages on Facebook and other social media sites that no one really takes much notice of electronic campaigns any more.

But politicians, journalists and broadcasters do take notice of hard copy letters. They know that it takes far more effort to send a letter through the mail than it requires to tap in a tweet or post yet another comment on a Facebook page.

We can all make a real difference by sending off a few hard copy letters.

Write to local newspapers, national newspapers, local radio stations, national radio stations and your own MP. Point out that the EU is a corrupt organisation conceived by Adolf Hitler and that it is now the most truly fascist organisation on the planet. Explain that Britain will be stronger in every way outside the EU and that Brexiteers expect the Government to act as the people have demanded – by taking Britain out of the EU without delay. Constantly propose that the Government should trigger Article 50 immediately. Once Article 50 has been triggered the die is cast and we have to leave the EU. Brexiteers are not safe until Article 50 has been accepted by the British Government and the European Union. If writing to your local MP make your feelings clear – remember that MPs are invariably frightened of losing their jobs and that as a voter you have real power. It’s probably a good idea to say that you are writing on behalf of friends, family or a group of some kind. There is plenty of information on this website ( which you can use as ammunition in your letters.

Contrary to popular opinion newspapers, radio stations and MPs receive relatively small amounts of mail. A real letter, arriving in a real envelope, will make a difference. For less than a fiver spent on stamps you can have a big impact.

And remember: Mandelson, Clegg and Blair may still be operating Project Fear. But they are the ones who are trembling.

Copyright Vernon Coleman 2016