Britain’s Future Looks Grim

Dr Vernon Coleman MB ChB DSc FRSA

In ten years’ time there will be two sorts of people in Britain.

Britain will be divided but not by sex, race or age – but by pension entitlement.

Britain will be divided into those who have Government backed employment pensions and those who do not.

Former civil servants, and local authority employees whose pensions are guaranteed by the government (or, more accurately by taxpayers), will be smug as they enjoy their lush retirements.

Those who relied on private or company pensions will be paupers.

But in twenty years’ time things will change again.

There is no way that any government will be able to honour its massive pension obligations to civil servants, teachers or local authority workers.

Those guaranteed pensions will be pretty well worthless. The guarantees will fail.

And so everyone will be in the same boat.

And the streets of Britain will be thick with pensioners begging for pennies to buy bread.

Copyright Vernon Coleman 2018