Iím Losing Patience with the Zombies

Dr Vernon Coleman

We had our first proper day out after the recent shutdown in the UK. The non-essential shops Ė the ones selling clothing, furniture, books, shoes and other items considered non-essential by the malignant lunatics running the world Ė were open and desperately waiting for customers.

There werenít many customers, of course. A local store had huge crash barriers up to control the hordes desperate for the closing down sale bargains. But there werenít any people.

The bankers and the journalists, who understand nothing, had all predicted that shoppers would be out in masses, desperate to spend the money theyíd saved. That was never going to happen. In reality, the figures show that the number of shoppers in high streets and shopping centres was down by a quarter. Wait until the furloughing ends Ė if it ever does Ė then youíll see real panic on the streets.

And you canít blame people for staying away from the shops.

Apart from the fact that even the thickest mask wearer realises that the future is unendingly gloomy, and that money is going to be tight for everyone, the shopping experience was a dismal one.

The majority of shoppers dutifully wore their masks and kept them on when they were outside on the street. The ones who removed their masks crumpled them up, stuffed them into a pocket or bag and then put them back on when they entered the next shop.

We tried to interest some of the shoppers in free copies of my little book Proof that Masks do More Harm than Good Ė weíve had some copies printed Ė but to a man and a woman, or rather to a zombie, they mostly backed away in fear.

The cafes and coffee shops were selling only take away drinks and all nine that I entered refused to take cash Ė insisting instead that if I wanted to buy a coffee I would have to pay with a credit card or something called an app. The baristas, as they like to call themselves, all claimed they were obeying the law. But they werenít, of course. Cash is still legal. They were obeying some bizarre inner yearning to destroy their own humanity and indeed their own future.

Everywhere I look the lunacy seems to be getting worse.

Some hospital departments and churches which have been shut for a year are now open to be used as injection centres. Itís OK to go into hospital to have a jab that doesnít stop you getting or spreading a disease that isnít likely to kill you but not OK to go in to have treatment for a disease which will. Itís OK to go into a church to be injected with experimental gene therapy but not OK to go in to pray.

Weíve all been advised that we should get rid of dogs and cats because they can catch covid, are bad for the environment and weíre all going to be living in tiny apartments. If we want a pet, weíve been told, we should have a tortoise. Theyíre apparently officially acceptable.

And soft toys are apparently also unacceptable because the morons have decided that the soft toys carry nasty covid germs.

Nothing makes any sense any more. Clothes are as likely to carry nasty little germy things as soft toys so whatís next? Are they going to suggest we throw away our clothes and all wander around stark naked?

Probably. Nothing would surprise me. But please let me have warning next time Madge Hancock and Doris Johnson are due out and about in the country.

It gets madder by the day and I cannot forget that the World Bank plans for this fraud to continue until 2025 Ė I assume that by then they expect that weíll all be either controlled or dead.

The UK Town Crier Championships are being held but the contestants donít have to say anything out loud. Instead of the old-fashioned oh hear ye, oyez, oyez stuff theyíre each submitting 140 words of purple prose. The winner will be the one who writes the best cry. And why are they doing this? Itís apparently because not everyone can record a good quality video. I canít help suspecting itís also because talking, or shouting, might spread nasty germs.

Anyway I think Iíll enter.

Mine will begin: `Hear ye, hear ye, oyez all ye citizens. Ye Olde Healthy Minister, Madge Hancock hereby doeth declare that all citizens must henceforth roll up their sleeves and submit themselves to the spawn of the devil. Those who submit will be doomed by pathogenic priming and will die soon. Those who do not submit will be doomed to death by exclusion and execution. Itís a free country: Ye takes thy choice.í

Hancock, by the way, spoke alongside Klaus Schwab, whom I like to think of as Anal, as in Anal Schwab, at a conference on the Fourth Industrial Revolution back in 2017.

Theyíre starting to wind up the global warming nonsense too Ė the evil pseudoscientific garbage behind everything Ė the manufactured scare designed to enable the evil cabal to take control of our lives. Every day brings new madnesses, new insanities. We have to turn down our radiators by 10 degrees. I can see the sense in that Ė 50,000 to 60,000 old people die of the cold every winter in the UK so that little trick should easily double that figure. Two days ago I saw that some idiots were claiming that, if we donít abandon every aspect of our normal lives then within a few years London will be entirely underwater with only the dome of St Paulís and the top of Nelsonís head visible above the waves. This is beyond hysterical.

Anyone can make up this nonsense.

For example, what about the rumour that potty scientists at Imperial College have done work with a slide rule and a set of logarithms and proved beyond doubt that by next Wednesday the whole of the UK will be six feet underwater and 67 million of us will be crowded onto 25 square feet of Mount Snowdon. Makes as much sense as anything else.

And maybe scientists paid by Professor Bill Gates have proved conclusively that if we donít all get vaccinated against rabies by the middle of next month then weíll all turn green and our feet will fall off.

Because of all this pseudoscientific garbage they want us to change every aspect of our lives.

So, for example, we must stop all coal mining.

What the idiots donít realise, of course, is that itís impossible to make steel without coal. And without steel there will be no new buildings, no new heating systems, no electric cars, none of those unsightly and inefficient windmills they want to scatter everywhere, no solar panel farms, no appliances, no tractors, no equipment to excavate the minerals required to make electric cars. No anything very much.

Weíll have to make everything out of wood and grass Ė the only natural resources weíll be allowed to use.

Except that the idiot global warming fruitcakes are planning to burn all the wood Ė having relabelled it biomass Ė in order to make electricity to keep the Green Partyís laptops humming.

Doris Johnson, the George Orwell professor of totalitarianism at Imperial College, wants to reduce carbon emissions by 68% by 2030.

By 68% of what you might ask?

Well, they say itís by 68% of what our carbon emissions were in 1990.

Why 1990? Why not go back to 1066? It makes as much sense.

And does anyone know what our carbon emissions were in 1990? Or are they just guessing as they are with everything else.

Oh, and just for the record the population of the UK in 1990 was 57 million and today itís 67 million.

If Doris Johnson had any functioning brain tissue he would see the absurdity in reducing the carbon emissions for a population of 67 million to that of a population 10 million smaller. But I think Doris had his brain removed when he was in hospital promoting covid-19 and death and destruction.

All this to keep a little Swedish kid satisfied.

Itís a waste of time. I donít think the Swedish kid does satisfied. Doris should just buy her a doll to keep her quiet. Do they still make those dolls that wet themselves? That should give the kid hours of harmless fun while the grown-ups can get on with struggling to deal with lifeís real problems.

Itís what I now like to call Ferguson-style science. Lots of numbers but where do they come from?

But Iíll deal with the evils of global warming cultism in another video.

Today, I want to concentrate on the things we must do now to counter the bewilderingly stupid covid-19 fraud.

And there are actually many things we can all do.

First, remember that most of the things they tell you to do are not a legal requirement. Donít comply with pointless or dangerous rules and regulations. Question everything.

Donít be bullied or frightened into compliance. I donít wear a mask. I donít `doí social distancing. I donít obey supermarket one way systems. I wonít accept testing. I donít keep all the windows open and freeze to death. I wonít have a vaccine. I wonít have an app on my phone.

And Iím losing patience with the zombies. I now believe that anyone who wears a mask and takes the vaccine is a treacherous half-wit.

If you have an iPhone or something similar then you might like to think of leaving it at home when you go out. Buy a cheap, simple phone that doesnít have the facility for accepting an app. If necessary you can always give your name and address though I realise that this isnít always reliable. At my age I sometimes have difficulty remembering both my name and my address at the same time. Iím not alone. One publican reported that in a single evening he and his staff served 72 people called Matt Hancock and 46 called Boris Johnson.

Share the free (newly updated) PDF mask book, Proof That Face Masks Do More Harm than Good which is available free on vernoncoleman.org

Send copies to schools, surgeries and businesses. Hundreds of thousands have already downloaded both of these free books from vernoncoleman.org . Weíve had some copies printed which we are sending to schools, journalists and doctors surgeries but the pdf version will do just as well. Try to send out at least a dozen every day. It might wake up some of the collaborating cretins who still donít realise theyíre on the wrong side of this war.

Remember that the Government website states that if Ďputting on, wearing or removing a face covering will cause you severe distressí then you are exempt from wearing one. The rules are in the new edition of my mask book.

Why, incidentally, do so many parents hate their children so much that they make them wear masks that will harm them mentally and physically?

Parents should not allow teachers to force unwilling or distressed children to wear masks. Those children who do wear masks may suffer physical or mental damage. Any parent or teacher who forces or even encourages a child to wear a mask is in my view is guilty of child abuse and should be arrested.

If and when the Government allows you to go out shopping, use cash whenever you can. If your cash is refused then take your business elsewhere. A cashless society will lead to enslavement.

If you do visit online newspapers share the facts about covid-19. Direct readers to websites and videos where theyíll find the truth.

Share the link (on my websites) which shows that covid-19 was downgraded to flu level in March 2020. Governments have known for over a year that covid-19 is no worse than the flu. The media know this too.

Tell friends and relatives not to allow anyone to bully them into having the covid-19 vaccine. Teach them about the possible side effects and dangers so that they can make an informed choice. Ask them if a job, a holiday or a visit to the pub is worth death or permanent injury. There is an updated list of vaccine deaths and side effects on my websites. Anyone who says there are absolutely no risks is lying. Please send this article to schools, doctorsí surgeries and local newspapers.

I am appalled incidentally at the number of times that courts have ruled that individuals under care should be vaccinated against the will, or the will of those with power of attorney. In one case a judge overruled a man who had power of attorney over his 80 odd year old mother and decided that she should have the vaccine. Astonishingly, the case was brought by a GP Ė though I would have thought that you could argue that if the GP gave the jab then he or she had a vested financial interest in the woman being injected.

How many of those celebrities promoting the vaccine were paid? How many were given saline Ė to make sure they didnít suffer nasty and embarrassing side effects.

And how many have the foggiest idea what theyíre talking about.

On that subject what the hell was the UKís National Statistician doing saying that he has no doubt that there will be a further wave of covid-19 infection in the autumn. Heís a statistician Ė one of those people who seem to me to specialise in getting numbers wrong. I predict, by the way, that heíll be in line for a peerage in the near future. Heís already got a knighthood.

And are journalists crooked or incompetent? None of them seems to understand risks and benefits or, indeed, simple statistics. I suspect that the average BBC pseudo-journalist has no qualifications other than O level woodwork, and that their knowledge of medicine is derived entirely from old copies of Readers Digest found in the BBC library.

Talking of the BBC, we need to take on the media.

The other day a writer in the Telegraph wrote: `Iím happy to spend 15 minutes at my local GP to be vaccinated so that I can visit my parents more confidently, hug them that little bit tighter. The headline was `young people should get the jab out of altruism not self-interestí.

The journalist clearly thinks that the vaccine will stop her getting covid or passing it on. You and I know that it wonít but her readers will now be more convinced than ever that it does.

This sort of rubbish has to be countered. I have spent hours complaining about nonsense like that to editors and to official complaints procedures. We all have to do it. Every time you see any journalist suggesting that the vaccine stops people getting covid Ė make a formal complaint.

Taking on the media means defunding the already unpopular BBC Ė which, by the way, lost viewing figures during the lockdown Ė undoubtedly, I think, because itís one-sided propaganda mission and its demonization of truth tellers offended so many. Iím delighted to say that I suspect that I now get more viewers than quite a lot of BBC programmes or BBC website stories.

The BBCís charter prevents it from taking part in campaigns of any kind but the BBC has been taking part in the Governmentís pro-vaccine, pro-hoax propaganda campaign since February 2020 so I believe itís in clear breach of that charter.

However, the Government wonít ever do anything to its loyal propaganda arm, indeed itís clear that the BBC will, as a reward for its treachery, be given the nonsensical licence fee indefinitely, so itís up to us to avoid paying the licence fee. Do it legally, of course. Remember: if you live in the UK and the BBCís television licensing thugs come pounding on your door Ė you donít have to let them in.

Most of the people who get fined for not having a licence are silly Iím afraid. The TV Licensing people appear on their doorstep and they respond by inviting them in.

`Come in and have a cup of tea and watch the last few minutes of Eastenders,í the innocent and ignorant will naively suggest.

Donít be rude but you donít have to let them in. And as a bonus, by not paying the BBC licence fee you will be automatically enrolled in the Threat a Month club. Every four weeks or so youíll receive a threatening letter from the BBC gestapo.

It must cost them a couple of quid every time they write to me so I reckon that Iíve long since cost them two minutes of Gary Linekerís obscene salary.

Incidentally, the BBC isnít above doing a little defunding itself. Oracle films, the makers of some wonderful truth-telling videos during the last year, lost its PayPal account at the behest of the BBC. Iím not at all sure that trying to defund other film makers falls within the BBC remit but defunding the BBC is certainly our right. If you pay the BBC licence fee Iím afraid you are supporting fascism, totalitarianism, oppression, the demonization of honest truth-tellers and huge salaries for a massive army of ignorant, cowardly thugs who run away from debate and probably couldnít spell diarrhoea if you gave them a dictionary.

And in addition to combatting the lies and the deceits that affect us all we have to think of our own survival. Many months ago I referred to those who wear masks and obey all the rules as collaborators. Some thought that was unfair but Iím more convinced than ever that it wasnít. Anyone who still believes the official lies, who wears a mask and has the jab is a traitor to mankind. Sadly, millions will never be convinced; they are too stupid, too gullible and too damned willing to march off the edge of a cliff if told to do so by someone on the BBC.

Back on the 11th March I recorded a short video entitled `Vital Survival Tipsí Ė you can read the transcript on either of my websites. I believe the information there is crucial.

For nine months now I have been warning that we have to prepare for food, water and electricity shortages. The evil people who are trying to take over the world will stop at nothing. Itís all part of the long-standing depopulation plan.

Donít let the electricity people put a smart meter into your house. Once you have a smart meter they can turn off your electricity in an instant and they can control your lives. If youíve got one of their meters Ė make them take it out.

The same thing goes for people from the council who knock on your door and want you to be tested. Ask them what legal authority they have to demand that you allow them to stuff something up your nose. Ask them if they are prepared to take legal liability if you die. And when they scoff, point out that people have been killed by the PCR test. Demand that they sign a witnessed document agreeing to take full personal liability. Show them the transcript of my video proving that PCR tests can kill.

If you have relatives or friends in a care home or hospital of any kind check they havenít been given a blanket DNR notice. It is now commonplace to put DNR notices on young people with learning disorders and the majority of care homes in the UK did not respond when asked if they had put DNR notices on all their residents. DNR notices are being handed out by junior doctors and nurses. This is genocide.

Remember everything your government has told you since the beginning of 2020 has been a lie. In March 2020 the coronavirus causing covid-19 was officially downgraded to flu level. Governments knew this. Covid-19 is officially no more deadly than the flu. On March 19th, the UK Governmentís own advisors, the public health bodies and the Advisory Committee on Dangerous Pathogens ruled that covid-19 is not a `high consequence infectious diseaseí. Governments and advisors knew then that the lockdowns, the social distancing, the masks and the jabs were not necessary and were likely to do more harm than good. The link to this decision is on my website Ė www.vernoncoleman.org. Send copies to everyone you know Ė maybe we can wake up a few of the morons, cretins, trolls and other idiots who still donít understand that weíre fighting a war for our lives, our freedom and our humanity. All of these things, by the way, the masks, the social distancing, home working and the lethal hand sanitisers are, as Iíve been warning since I was 11, here for ever.

And if you want to know more about the greatest and most wicked hoax in history please read my latest book Endgame: The Hidden Agenda 21. The book explains whatís behind it all and how this fraud was meticulously planned by evil people determined to change our world for their benefit. And donít worry that Iím going to get rich on it. The very modest royalties will be used to send out free copies of the paperback version of my mask book to schools, doctors, newspapers and businesses.

When we have won this war people will look back in astonishment at how freely millions gave away their freedom and allowed the elderly, the very young, the frail and the disabled to be tortured and murdered Ė all in the promotion and pursuit of a fascist ideology devised by some of the most evil people to have ever lived.

And if you think the word torture is overblown just remember that putting masks on people, and keeping people in solitary confinement are torture techniques devised by the CIA to dehumanise and to destroy the human spirit. Remember that lockdown is a word used in prisons.

And if you think the word murder is an exaggeration, remember how the elderly have been treated, how millions have been deliberately deprived of medical treatment that would have saved them and remember the experimental injections being distributed with maniacal glee by mad doctors and nurses and sold to us by insane journalists and broadcasters. Nearly one in ten patients in the UK desperately in need of hospital care will have to wait over a year for essential treatment because of the lockdowns and closures. Hundreds of thousands will die. But that is the plan of course.

It isnít easy, but we keep fighting. Remember: weíre all members of the resistance movement.

And please watch the six-year-old young man in a chair, or more aptly, as he so wonderfully put it, an old soul on a tree. His video is on BNT, itís called a six-year-oldís dedication to Vernon Coleman and itís on Rachel Reenstraís channel. Thank you so much old soul on a tree for your words of wisdom and encouragement to carry on telling the truth. You truly are an inspiration. God bless you.

Copyright Vernon Coleman April 2021

Vernon Colemanís new book Endgame is available on Amazon as a paperback and an eBook.