How to Survive in the Lunatic Land of the Coronavirus Hoax

Dr Vernon Coleman MB ChB DSc FRSA

Iím afraid there is no point in our hoping that things are going to return to normal. They arenít. Our enemies have made their move and the war that theyíve started isnít going to be over in weeks or months. And make no mistake Ė weíre in a war.

My apologies if this sounds depressing. But I canít see any point in pretending that things are going to be hunky dory in a matter of weeks. Only if we accept that we are at war will we be prepared and able to defend ourselves and to defeat the enemy. Government ministers will offer promises and assurances but it will all be fake Ė part of the misinformation theyíve been feeding us, part of the psychological operation to unsettle us with promises and disappointments.

We are living in the worst of times.

It is always difficult to say that, of course.

What about the First World War? Or the Second World War? Or the Hundred Years War? Or the American Revolution? The American Civil War? Or the plague?

All terrible times.

But there is something especially strange about these times.

Usually, when there is a war or a major conflict we know the identity of our enemy. We have leaders we can trust Ė well, trust a little.

But this time it is different.

Our leaders, globally, nationally and locally, are our enemy.

Ronald Reaganís greatest legacy was, for me, his remark that the most dangerous words in the world are: `Iím from the Government and Iím here to helpí. That has now matured into: `Iím from the Government and Iím here to make your life miserable and, if possible, to kill you.í

Governments all over the world have been bought and are now controlled by global organisations such as the United Nations, the World Health Organisation and the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation they want to take from us everything we value Ė and to turn us into slaves.

In previous conflicts we could count on the military to protect us.

Not now. Today the military are the enemy. Under orders from governments which have betrayed the people their job is to suppress the truth to protect the lies. Politicians and their advisors have lost touch with the science, the truth and reality.

And we certainly cannot rely on the media to expose dishonesty, oppression and injustice. Today the main stream media are siding with our oppressors. They are promoting dishonesty and endorsing injustice and they have encouraged millions to become mortally afraid of death.

We may be on our own but we are not alone.

We are the guerrilla army. As someone said during the French revolution, this is not a revolt it is a revolution. And we are the resistance.

The time to prepare for bad times is when no one else is panicking. The zombies are hunkered down waiting for their vaccine but we have one huge advantage: we have some idea what is in store for us. Nothing is ever going to be as it was. For the time being the men and women in black hats, the bad guys, have taken over.

So, how can we prepare?

First, if at all possible you should try to move out of a town or city. The Agenda 21 plan is for us all to live in what they call `smart citiesí. They want us all corralled in apartment blocks because then we are easier to control. In their ideal world we will live in flats no more than a mile away from our work. Our groceries and other purchases will be delivered and we will spend our evenings shopping, playing games and watching television programmes on the internet.

You may not earn as much if you move out of the city and change your job but your living expenses will be lower Ė especially if you work at home and donít have to spend a fortune travelling to work, buying smart work clothes and purchasing expensive lunches and coffee. The air you breathe will be cleaner and you will probably be able to grow some of your own vegetables. Try to become as self-sufficient as you can. The TV series `The Good Lifeí is now more of a `how toí documentary than a comedy series.

Should you move to another country? Until the dust settles itís difficult to know. One certainty is that the UK and the USA will be the worst affected by the lying, the manufactured chaos and the lethal policies of corrupt administrations. I wouldnít want to live in France, either. France has been a cauldron of dissatisfaction and unwound racial conflict for years and Macron, vain even for a politician, has made things infinitely more dangerous.

Second, prepare for problems with the utilities such as electricity and water supplies. The climate change movement is based on fake science but itís a fundamental part of the United Nationsí Agenda 21. The people behind Agenda 21, the plan for a global reset and a New World Order, have been infiltrated by green self-styled environmentalists, and their plans include a massive reduction in world population, a reliance on non-fossil fuels and the destruction of all aspects of capitalism. The plan is to enslave us, and the coronavirus hoax is part of the programme of control. This is practical fascism in its rawest and most dangerous incarnation. Iíll explain precisely what is planned in a future YouTube video.

There are probably going to be electricity outages in the coming years. But there are many things you can do to prepare yourself. You can buy batteries, usually sold for campers, which hold a good chunk of electricity and which can be charged from the mains, when itís working, or from a portable solar panel. You should obviously also keep good torches and a supply of batteries. A camping stove and a supply of cartridges will mean that youíre independent of the mains supplies for cooking. If you have an open fireplace or a log burner make sure you have a supply of fuel.

I realise that Iím beginning to sound like one of those redneck survivalists who lives in the wild and gets sneered at a good deal. But I donít care. Iíve been sneered at for decades and Iíve been right more often than any of the people doing the sneering. So yah boo sucks to them.

Our utility supplies are more fragile today than theyíve been for decades. This is partly due to neglect, of course, but it is also a consequence of the chaos and damage by the deliberately engineered coronavirus crime. And if you donít think the whole coronavirus crime was deliberately engineered then Iím afraid you havenít been paying attention and you must write out two hundred times, `Bill Gates is the Most Dangerous Person on the Planetí.

To protect yourself from water supplies, I suggest that you lay in a supply of bottled water. Keep it out of the direct sunlight. If you can fit a water butt to a downpipe that will usually supply you with a good supply of water. Use water purification tablets or a purification cup and you can use the water you collect.

Iíve previously suggested that you should lay in a supply of long-dated food Ė rice, pasta and tinned vegetables for example. Donít rely too much on the freezer because if the electricity goes out you could be in trouble.

Next, you should lay in a supply of whatever medicines you use or may use. Your doctor is unlikely to give you more than a two or three month supply of any essential prescription medicines but you can stock up on whatever supplements and over the counter medicines you might need Ė dispersible aspirin tablets, antihistamine, a steroid cream, eye drops, antiseptic cream and so on. Just watch the `use byí dates. Stock up on whatever vitamin and mineral supplements you use. Check out some of the online pharmacies. Reputable ones tend to be properly regulated. Put together a decent first aid kit and know how to use the contents. Buy enough emergency blankets for one each Ė just in case you have no heat in the winter. Take regular, gentle exercise.

If you need to see a doctor other than your GP it might be wise to be vague about your age. It is not uncommon these days for patients to be refused treatment if they are over 65. So if you are over that and you accidentally knock a decade off your age donít bother to correct the error. I was now born in 1991 but I think I may have to edge that back a tad. In the UK, the NHS is already unfit for purpose. Itís going to get worse and services are going to decline dramatically. GPs surgeries are pretty well closed in many parts of the country, and accident and emergency departments will soon require an appointment, so we are told. Learn to take care of yourself to minimise the risk of accidents. Build up your immune system Ė Iíll do another video explaining how to do that.

Look after your teeth and visit your dentist regularly because if there is another lockdown you might not be able to see one. In the UK there is going to be a massive shortage of NHS dentists and itís my suspicion that the Government plans to close down this part of the NHS. Free eye tests will probably disappear too. Agenda 21 means that governments wonít want to spend money on the elderly, the frail or anyone with any sort of health problem. The new global reset, espoused by Prince Charles, means that every citizen must be useful to the State. So thatís the end of the Royal Family.

Sanitisers in shops are a growing irritation in more ways than one. (See my video on hand sanitisers if you havenít. It's full of scary truths.) Touching a sanitiser bottle that has been handled by hundreds of dirty hands is daft. The stuff inside the bottle could be something dangerous and it may well irritate your hands and be dangerous. You can always say `No, thank youí if an assistant suggests that you use their dispenser. Carry one of your own and fill it with something mild and non irritating.

If you have relatives in care homes then it might be wise to move them out if possible. It is frequently cheaper to live in a hotel than a care home and if someone just needs help with cleaning, bed-making, laundry and meals a hotel will often be just as good. And there isnít the risk that a local hospital will fill the hotel with flu-ridden patients. There is going to be an increase in the average age in populations everywhere and the elderly are going to find that they are increasingly marginalised.

If you have children then it might be worthwhile looking at home schooling Ė especially if teachers are going to continue to behave irresponsibly. Children who go to schools where anti-social distancing rules are in place will, in my view, grow up to be psychologically damaged.

Donít take holidays abroad while governments are still talking about quarantines. If you do then you might have to spend a fortnight in quarantine in a foreign hotel and then, on your return, have to spend another fortnight in quarantine.

Keep vehicles topped up with fuel for emergencies. Buy a bicycle or get an old one repaired.

Check that whatever investments you have are suitable for the new world. Be prepared for banks and even building societies to introduce negative interest accounts. The commercial world is going to continue to change dramatically. The United Nations plan for the new world which governments everywhere have bought involves the closure of small businesses so if you think you could be vulnerable, increase your savings. Donít take on new debts that you arenít certain you will be able to service. Unemployment is going to be high and stay high for a long, long time. Many people who have spent years acquiring skills and training will find that they have to find new skills. Computers and robots are going to take over many jobs Ė a lot sooner than most people realise.

Try to avoid the mass market media as much as you can. Most of it is biased, misleading prejudicial, hypocritical and downright dangerous. In my view, the BBC is the most treacherous organisation on earth Ė Lord Haw Haw would work for it today and Goebbels would have been proud of it.

Find local people who think as you do. Make plans to stand for your local council when, or perhaps if, the ban on elections is ever lifted. We have to take back control of our country and starting locally is the best way. We have to fight the sense of depression that has been deliberately created so that we remain strong enough to continue fighting the enemy. This is going to be a long war.

May our Gods go with us in these dark and difficult times.

Copyright Vernon Coleman July 19th 2020

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