Why I Despise Liberal Lefty Luvvies

Dr Vernon Coleman MB ChB DSc FRSA

The noisy, snivelling, sneering, liberal luvvies who air their views on anything and everything are beginning to get up my nose.

They are incessantly self-righteous.

They are completely out of touch with real people.

They probably think of themselves as rebels.

But they aren’t.

They invariably seem to end up supporting the establishment, the BBC, the political elite and the crooks like Goldman Sachs (and its battalions of alumni) who control the world’s finance system.

I have for a long time been fed up with selfish, self-serving, grasping, unknowing, uncaring, unseeing, supercilious, arrogant politicians who have occupied the House of Commons and the House of Lords for the last half a century. Every time we send one or two of these greedy beggars to jail for fraud, another bunch jump out of their dark holes and wriggle into power. Our modern politicians wade thigh deep in fat salaries, obscene expense accounts, favours, brown envelopes filled with cash and huge inflation protected pensions. They are, to a man and a woman, completely out of touch with the voters – the people who pay their fat salaries – and they are so committed to political correctness that they would be laughable if it were not for the fact that they have run the damned country into the ground.

But now I am just as fed up with the weak, knee shivering, patronising liberal luvvies who too are drenched to the bone in political correctness and who stand together on the moral high ground; oh so bloody generous with other people’s values, conveniences and money. They pretend to care about other people but they don’t. All they really care about is themselves.

They are all part of the same obscene carbuncle: the Modern Establishment; a pus filled excresence which supports the EU and which supported Clinton in the US Presidential election.

Our modern liberal luvvies are the sort of self-righteous, unthinking, truly stupid people who supported Tony Blair and his illegal wars.

You can just here them shouting: ‘Oh yes, Tony, let’s go and kill a tyrant!’

And then when the wars turned bad (as wars have a habit of doing) and they realised that their hero was a liar, a war criminal and something of a mass child killer, they threw their hands in the air in horror and demanded that all the unbombed citizens be allowed to come and live in Birmingham or Slough or somewhere conveniently distant from Islington and Chipping Norton.

The celebrities who campaign for more economic immigrants feel safe because they know damned well that their jobs are safe.

There aren’t going to be hordes of 30-year-old Syrian children wanting Lily Allen’s job – whatever it is these days.

And how many will want Gary Lineker’s demeaning job as a crisp front man; an inanely grinning, food salesman mentally force feeding fatty, heart rotting junk into the mouths of babes and children?

The loony luvvie celebrities are so utterly out of touch that they scream ‘racist’ if anyone dares suggest that our island is now fairly full, thank you very much, and that we have welcomed quite enough benefit seeking Christian hating terrorists to our shores. England is the most overcrowded country in Europe. Only Monaco and the Vatican have more people per square inch.

They still moan about Brexit and warn of doom and gloom ahead – ignoring the fact that Brexit has been a staggering economic success.

They and Carney, the Goldman Sachs man at the Bank of England, have been shown to be about as good at forecasting economic consequences as the Met Office is at forecasting the weather.

I really do loathe liberal, lefty luvvies.

We should tolerate them only if they keep their views tucked away in the boots of their Rolls Royces.

There are few things more offensive than a liberal luvvie in full flow, overflowing with self-righteousness; devoid of science or logic but full of intolerance, apparent hatred for their country and an overwhelming sense of moral superiority.

The liberal luvvies adore the BBC, the official voice of State control and fascism.

They welcome immigration, which doesn’t affect their lives in any meaningful way (apart from providing them with an endless supply of cheap nannies, chauffeurs and gardeners) and they love the EU, the spiritual home of Nazi propaganda because they don’t have the foggiest idea what it stands for and how badly it has damaged ordinary people’s lives.

They believe fervently in the myth of man-made climate change and they pretend to care about the environment but none of that stops them flying around the world in private aeroplanes.

They love solar energy and wind turbines which use energy far faster than they create it.

And, the most hypocritical of all, they adore electric cars which are dirtier than any other form of transport because they run on electricity derived from plants running on coal and diesel.

Do they know how hypocritical and patronising and smug they are? Do they know how much the rest of us despise them?

No, probably not.

But they will.

As their careers subside, and people no longer want to hire them because they are so hated, their celebrity status will drift down the alphabet towards Z list.

They will find themselves competing for work with the immigrants they welcomed so enthusiastically.

Then they will realise; then they will know how patronising and hypocritical and wrong they once were.

And for them it will be too late. And we will have to struggle hard to avoid being just a little smug ourselves as we read about them making a guest appearance in the latest ‘Where are they now?’ programme.

As they hunt for work at Tesco, or set about driving an Uber car to earn some ready money, they will wonder where it all went wrong for them.

And we will be able to tell them.

It went wrong when they lost touch with the real world and with real people.

Copyright Vernon Coleman

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