Vernon Colemanís Diary No 6 Now Available!

Dr Vernon Coleman MB ChB DSc FRSA

Vernon Colemanís Sixth diary Ė entitled The Rantings of a Maddened Englishman is now available as an ebook on Amazon.

This approximately 200,000 word book is not recommended for the humourless, the bigoted and the earnestly politically correct. It is unsuitable reading for Europhiles, drug company employees, warmongers, butchers and people who donít care about people or animals. Members of the Green Party, the Scottish Nationalist Party and the Liberal Democrats would be well advised to buy something else. This book is not suitable for the French in general, or for Parisians in particular, and would probably make uncomfortable reading for bankers, telephone company employees, millennials and people living in the Cotswolds. It is, indeed, difficult to think of many people who would want to buy this book. On reflection, the author thinks he probably made a mistake in writing it. But heís written it now and itís been published so there you go.

The book, available only as an ebook, is priced at an immensely modest £2.99 in the UK and $2.99 in the US. Where else can you obtain such joy for such a modest price?