Prediction Made in August 2020

Dr Vernon Coleman

Myocarditis and serious heart problems caused by the covid-19 `vaccine’ are now worrying many doctors. Dr Vernon Coleman was the first doctor in the world to warn about these problems when he made a video about myocarditis and heart problems caused by the covid-19 jab. The video was seen by millions.

Here is a prediction made by Vernon Coleman in August 2020.

`There is going to be a veritable epidemic of heart disease in another decade’s time and thousands of zombies and trolls will be demanding instant heart transplants. They won’t get them, of course. Transplants will be reserved for the elite.’

Vernon Coleman’s first book about the covid fraud was published in April 2020. The book is available through the bookshop on Since early 2020, Vernon Coleman’s work has been suppressed and he has been libelled and vilified in the mainstream media and on the internet. But everything he has warned about has been proved accurate. Since the start of the covid fraud he has been banned from using YouTube and all social media. His most recent book about the covid fraud and the fake pandemic is entitled `Truth Teller: The Price’ and is also available through the bookshop on

His most recent video is called `This is the End’ and can be seen on his Bitchute channel which can be reached from the Video button on It is interesting to see that a number of doctors (some of whom made a fortune out of giving the covid jab to patients) are now suddenly speaking up about the covid fraud and damning the toxic `vaccine’. Where were they four years ago when they were desperately needed?

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