The Mad Hatter Rules: KO?

Dr Vernon Coleman MB ChB DSc FRSA

The EU has introduced a vast number of new laws in the last few days.

I think maybe the eurocrats have been having a Law Making Party. With a prize for the idiot who makes the most stupid law.

So, for example, British clocks are going to have to adopt European time whether the British like it or not.

It will be illegal to connect new houses to the mains gas supply, forcing home owners to cook and heat their homes with electricity (most of which is made by burning gas or diesel or coal).

And cars will have to include speed limiters which will cause far more accidents than they stop.

I have for some time now had a feeling that I am living in a world designed by the March Hare and the Mad Hatter.

But this one takes the biscuit.

I am certain that road safety campaigners will be lining up to cheer this law.

But thatís because they (like the eurocrats) havenít thought about it.


You are on a country road with a 50 mile an hour limit.

There is a tractor or caravan doing 30 mph.

And you come to a decent, straight stretch of road.

In order to get past the tractor you will have to trundle past at a steady 50 mph. There will be no chance to floor the accelerator and get past quickly Ė thereby limiting the danger time when youíre on the wrong side of the road.

And so the risk of an accident will be massively increased.

I can think of a dozen other examples of times when a speed restrictor on a car will add to the danger.

Thatís the trouble when you allow brain damaged eurocrats to make laws Ė and to take responsibility away from people.

And itís one of the reasons why a majority of the British voted to leave the EU three years ago.

Still, they havenít yet got a law which says they can put a speed restrictor into old cars.

So in future I wonít be buying any new cars.

Thatís another stupid EU law I can avoid.

Copyright Vernon Coleman March 28th 2019