Coronavirus – the Madness of Governments

Dr Vernon Coleman MB ChB DSc FRSA

Governments around the world are clearly suffering from mass hysteria. It used to be a problem found mainly among groups of teenage girls. It is now a problem affecting national governments and international organisations.

This isn’t anything new, of course.

It has always been governments which have created unnecessary scares – and there has often been a hidden agenda. (The disease caused by the coronavirus is clearly both unpleasant and potentially dangerous, and sensible precautions are required as they always are. What I am talking about here are the political aspects of the coronavirus.)

And as a medical writer I have frequently found myself trying to defuse the fear created by stupid politicians and civil servants.

I was the only doctor in Britain to oppose the BMA’s view that `AIDS will affect us all’. (I was vilified for disagreeing with the establishment. At its peak, more people were employed as AIDS advisors than had the disease.)

I disagreed with the Government view that Mad Cow Disease would kill half a million or more. (I got into trouble for that though the death toll came to less than 200).

I opposed the Government when it threatened us with death by avian flu. (More trouble for me for daring to question the authorities.)

I opposed the Government when it was claimed that swine flu would kill 65,000 in 2009. (That made me even more unpopular though I was right again. Less than 500 people died and the Government wasted £500 million of our money on vaccines which had to be thrown away.)

And on and on it goes. Over the last few decades there have been scares almost every year. And almost every year the establishment has been wrong. They keep picking the wrong things to worry about. And they miss the really big threats.

I am now convinced that the coronavirus scare is just the latest load of horseshit. Scientists have identified a bug and scared us without offering any solutions and as with global warming the `cure’ is doing far more harm than the problem. Maybe the Bilderbergers thought the climate change hoax wasn’t scaring us enough.

It annoys me intensely that the world’s governments seem determined to overreact and to create a crisis out of a very small health problem. (What will they do if the plague comes back?) Here are some thoughts:

1. Cancer and heart operations have been cancelled – presumably so that the NHS can prepare itself for the onslaught. That is beyond cruel. It is unnecessary and in my view close to criminal in deed if not intent.

2. The small number of people who have died around the world from the coronavirus would have almost certainly died of the ordinary flu. Indeed, in the months since the first case of coronavirus infection was spotted, I would guess that at least hundred times as many Britons have died of ordinary flu as have died from the coronavirus. It is not unusual for 50,000 people to die of flu in the winter months. No one takes much notice. No one in government cares very much. How many people have so far died of the coronavirus in the UK? How many have died in the world – including China? (I will let you check out the figures so that you get the latest numbers.)

3. I am appalled that GPs surgeries are closing and GPs are telling patients to stay away. So much for medical ethics. I find the words `unprofessional’ and `cowardice’ difficult to avoid.

4. Sports events are being cancelled for months ahead. Why?

5. Hundreds of thousands of people are going to be made redundant as a result of companies going bust because of this fake scare. And millions have already seen their pensions and savings decimated. The lowest interest rates ever mean that people have had to invest in the stock market in order to have any income at all. (Interest rates far below inflation mean that money just disappears if not invested more aggressively than being left in a bank account.) Now those investors are being punished.

6. Cancelling public events and elections is utterly absurd. There is no logical explanation for it. (But, one pleasant side effect is that the silly climate change loonies can’t hold any of their daft rallies. Greta will have to stay at home.)

7. The biggest health problem in Britain is the use of recycling bins. If the Government really believes we have a health problem caused by a bug then we should all be told to put all our rubbish into black bags. Those daft plastic boxes used for recycling are spreading a whole smorgasbord of bugs as it is.

8. Telling people to self-isolate if they have any cold symptoms will cause endless bankruptcies and do nothing to protect the rest of us. And since the bug can last 28 days, self-isolating for 7 days is pointless.

9. The idea that people who self-isolate can keep away from family members in the same home is utterly ludicrous – unless you live in a 58 room mansion.

10. The EU members have behaved like a lot of individual countries – looking after themselves. As always, the pen pushers at the EU have been utterly useless in providing leadership. Now they want the rest of the world (including the UK and the US) to find £700 billion to bail out Italy. Neither the EU nor the IMF has enough cash.

11. Hand sanitisers are essential for good health. Everyone should use them regularly. So why, now that we need them, are the shops short of supplies?

12. The stress caused by the absurd overreaction will kill far more people than the virus itself. Premature deaths go up with unemployment levels.

13. The best way to create a healthier world is to ban aeroplanes. They carry bugs of all kinds around the world. And the people travelling inside planes are all at risk – the air is recycled with the result that if there is one infected person on a plane then all the passengers will have that bug within minutes. Air conditioning systems are equally deadly (and mostly unnecessary).

14. If crowds at sporting events need to be kept away why not play the events just for television? If teams and organisers cared about their sport they would happily do that. But it seems that sport these days is simply about money.

15. There is one good thing likely to come out of this: people may learn to cover their mouths when coughing or sneezing in public.

So, what is the hidden agenda? I no longer think it’s just about killing off old people. And I don’t think the mass enforced vaccination is the sole reason for the scare.

The coronavirus scare has to be about money and power.

Get ready for lots of tough new laws. There will probably be travel restrictions. (Never forget the biggest problem facing the world at the moment is the shortage of oil.)

And there will be lots of new taxes. (The money will be needed to pay for the coronavirus mess – but the taxes won’t be repealed afterwards).

One thing is certain: when this hysterical fiasco is over, you and I will be poorer and have less freedom.

And the Bilderbergers (and their mates) will be richer and have more power.

And if you think I’m mad, just remember: I have been right about every major health scare for the last 50 years.

Copyright Vernon Coleman March 14th 2020

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