How Many Coincidences Make a Conspiracy?
Is Bill Gates the Most Dangerous Man on the Planet? (Is this the Final Solution)

Dr Vernon Coleman MB ChB DSc FRSA

In the old days, when you went to the theatre the orchestra would play a bit of music before the main play or opera started. It was called an overture. Well, you will be relieved to hear that Iím not going to play music because I donít have my harmonica with me but in order to help keep this video online for as long as possible Iím going into the realms of high tech information technology again.

Throughout this video when I say STUFF I mean VACCINE and when I say STUFFED I mean VACCINATED.


Right, the overture is over.

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Down to business.

Ever since this fake crisis began, doctors and governments have been pushing us all in a single direction. Once again, much of the information relates to the UK Ė but it is, I think, valid for just about every country on the planet and it is fair to say that the global medical profession has hardly covered itself in glory during the last few months.

It is difficult to avoid the suspicion that everything that has been done has been directed towards preparing nations everywhere for mass, mandatory stuffing programmes. It seems that nothing else matters. And it seems that the stuffing is being done not to protect but to control.

Just the other day the New York State Bar Association said it should be mandatory for all Americans to have a covid 19 stuffing Ė including those who donít want it for religious, philosophical or personal reasons.

They donít give medical reasons as an exclusion possibility but they presumably wouldnít allow that as a let out either.

Now I donít know about you but Iím a bit wary about being given medical, religious and philosophical instructions from a bunch of lawyers. I just hope the American public feel the same way. Let the lawyers have the jabs if they want them.

In the UK it was pretty obvious back on the 3rd March when the Government introduced its Coronavirus Action Plan that its focus was fixed firmly on the development and distribution of some stuff.

A lot of nonsense has been spoken since then and some strange things have been happening. As I mentioned in another video I know of at least one doctor who has been struck off the medical register Ė for twelve months no less Ė for daring to question the coronavirus story. They cannot strike me off the medical register because Iím no longer on it. The GMC introduced a complicated and stupid but doubtless profitable scheme which pretty well ensures that retired doctors canít retain a medical licence. So yah boo sucks to them.

There have been a good many coincidences recently. I want to tell you about just a few that Iíve noticed.

For example, I was astonished when I saw a fuss being made the other day about using a simple, cheap steroid to help with the breathing problems suffered by coronavirus patients.

When I first started wielding a stethoscope in anger it was commonplace to use steroids for breathing problems.

Where was the surprise in this? Iíll answer that if you havenít already beaten me to it.

The surprise was that a drug company controlled government actually dared admit that a cheap, readily available drug might be a good remedy for the coronavirus and mean that the over promoted jabs might not be necessary after all.

Theyíve been so desperately promoting the stuff they want to sell that governments and the medical establishment everywhere have suppressed or demonised cheap and effective remedies.

But eventually the good old steroid broke through and got an honourable mention.

Hereís another astonishing story.

You will have no doubt heard of hydroxychloroquine Ė the drug that Donald Trump has been taking to help keep him free of the coronavirus.

Hydroxychloroquine has been used for years and early research showed it was very useful. You might think that governments everywhere might have been excited by this.

Not a bit of it.

Eminent researchers who had shown that the drug was incredibly useful at preventing covid 19 were attacked by the media who said it was dangerous. They were told it was dangerous by politicians who had heard it from a bloke who doubtless gave them the news in a brown envelope. The WHO didnít want any trials. The French Government suddenly classified it as a poison. In the UK, government agencies didnít want any clinical trials. They all wanted to concentrate on the stuffing.

But there were many demands for some tests and eventually work was done by researchers who had funding from a bloke called Gates.

And before you could whisper the word `conspiracyí a comic called The Lancet published a study which claimed that the drug could cause nasty side effects such as heart trouble and death.

And so the research was immediately stopped.

Phew, thought the stuff lovers. That was a close one.

But then doctors around the world flooded The Lancet with letters and no doubt emails and so on pointing out that the research they had published was so badly flawed that it was, well, useless and dangerous. The research, by the way, had allegedly and in my view rather bizarrely been based on some mathematical modelling and youíll have heard that phrase before.

Other research, done responsibly, showed that hydroxy-chloroquine worked well, cutting the risk of infection by 80% in people who didnít have the coronavirus. No wonder Donald Trump was taking it. What a pity residents in care homes werenít given it. Thousands of them would still be alive. The drug is as cheap as chips because itís been around for ever and is out of patent.

If you want to know the details of the crappy research that the Lancet published I recommend that you go to the excellent UK Column website where there is a brilliant article by Iain Davis detailing exactly what was done.

Eventually, The Lancet withdrew the paper, blaming the researchers instead of taking responsibility for publishing the rubbish.

Now, by another of those astonishing coincidences with which we are becoming familiar these days, when it comes to stuff and stuffing, I cannot think of any medical journal which has quite the enthusiasm of The Lancet for encouraging doctors to stick needles into people and pump drugs and chemicals into their bodies.

In March 2019, an editorial in The Lancet reported that parents who refuse to have their children stuffed are often required to attend a course on the risks of not stuffing their children.

They did not suggest (though it would have made far more sense to me) that those who have their children stuffed should be required to attend a course on the risks of stuffing their children.

(My own philosophical belief is that parents who have their children stuffed are guilty of child abuse and should be charged accordingly. I recognise that this is not a view widely held within the medical profession.)

It is, I think, worth pointing out that The Lancet is a commercial journal which makes a good deal of money from advertising.

The last time I looked a full page advert in The Lancet could cost over £10,000.

And who buys the advertising?

Well, if you guessed that most of it was paid for by drug companies then you probably would not be far off the mark.

And who makes stuff?

Well, drug companies of course.

Am I being unfair in fearing that there could be a conflict of interest here?

Letís just call it a coincidence.

So, anyway, thatís the story of hydroxychloroquine.

A cheap, readily available but out of patent drug was available and far, far more useful than a jabby thing but serious attempts were made to block its use.

I wonder why.

This whole story gets more staggering by the minute and I confess that sorting it out is rather like sitting on a swing and trying to do a jigsaw with your eyes shut.

However, I have put together a lot of the facts and gathered together some more curious coincidences.

For example, at one point the WHO announced that people who had had the coronavirus would not be immune and would still need the stuff. No one ever tried to explain how stuff for a disease could provide immunity if the disease itself couldnít provide immunity but it was also suggested that we might all need to have two doses or, possibly an annual dose to keep us topped up. Boy wouldnít that bring in the billions.

But we must not be cynical about this. Nor must we be cynical about the fact that the drug companies appear to be negotiating zero liability for themselves. In other words if some stuff should kill or maim then the company wouldnít be responsible. I donít think that has ever happened before in any sphere of human activity.

By coincidence, the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation give more money to the WHO than the British Government. Only the American Government gives more.

Bill Gates, the billionaire software chap, and former chum of that Epstein fellow who might have killed himself and who certainly died in prison, pretty well controls the WHO. And he has tentacles everywhere. In his clear desire to control the world he looks more and more like a James Bond baddy though I think that is being unfair to the James Bond baddies.

Incidentally, you might think that if one of the worldís greediest and most ruthless men suddenly wanted to save millions of lives he might build roads in poor countries. Set up farms and good water supplies. Those are things which are proven to save lives.

But not our Bill.

Gates is, it seems, obsessed with stuffing everyone on the planet and the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation has its disgustingly filthy fingerprints all over everything.

By the way, Gates and UK Prime Minister Boris Johnson have been speaking a good deal recently and at a stuffing summit which raised £7 billion to spend on stuffing 300 million children Comrade Boris handed over £1.65 billion of UK taxpayersí money, making the UK the biggest donor. Boris, who has apparently acquired medical qualifications since we last heard from him, said that up to eight million lives would be saved but he didnít mention how many children would be killed or brain damaged and he didnít say how he knew that eight million lives would be saved but these rash judgements seem to come easily to anyone who has dealings with Mr Gates. Maybe itís some sort of infection. Maybe someone could invent stuff to stop it.

One other thing you should know. Gates has for years argued that the world is overpopulated. He reckons that if you stuff people then the worldís population will fall. I donít think there is any scientific evidence for Mr Gatesís claim which I would describe as baloney.

Actually, I can think of an explanation for why the worldís population would fall if you stick stuff into them all.

And I expect you might be able to do so if you think about it.

Now, the word `foundationí suggests charity and kindness and generosity but I think it would be a mistake to assume that is the case here.

Gates has given over $4 billion to something called the GAVI stuff alliance which exists to create `healthy markets for stuffí. The GAVI alliance is a mixture of WHO, World Bank, drug companies and Gates. This whole thing is a mixture of public policy and corporate profits but, hell, if Mr Gates is going to save us all from the plague he and his chums deserve to make a few bob donít they?

That $4 billion is no problem for Gates because during a decade of apparent generosity his wealth has increased from 50 billion to over 100 billion. Iím not sure whether that is in dollars or pounds but who cares. And Iím not sure whether itís from flogging his overpriced software (it must be overpriced for him to have become so rich) or from his drug company connections but what the hell money is money, eh?

Gates, who somehow manages to combine medical knowledge which is clearly unsurpassed with arrogant, arbitrary, rash and entirely unscientific garbage, has stated that it will take eighteen months to create the stuff against the pesky virus and that if we go back to normal before then, we will be putting lives at risk. Gates is almost on a par with Ferguson when it comes to making arrogant and unsupportable predictions.

Of course if there never is a stuff then weíll never be able to go back to normal, will we?

And then there is the United Nations.

If you look at the UNís `Sustainable Development Goalsí you will find this:

`Currently the world is facing a global health crisis unlike any other Ė covid 19 is spreading human suffering, destabilising the global economy and upending the lives of billions of people around the globeí.

No, thatís wrong on two counts.

First, it is the absurd over reaction to the coronavirus which is causing the problems. Not the bug itself.

Second, covid 19 is a minor killer compared to tuberculosis, malaria and, indeed, the common flu. The United Nations should know that. And, incidentally, the 12 year old fact checkers at the BBC and so on might like to look at the facts if they get excited about that.

So, what is the UN doing?

Well, it is accelerating the research and development of stuff.


Are you ready for another coincidence?

Hereís another one.

The United Nations is a partner of the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation. And itís that way way round too. The UN is lucky enough to be a partner of the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation.

Would you like some more coincidences?

Youíre going to get them anyway Ė unless you switch off.

Hereís one or two.

The UKís Chief Scientific Advisor is a bloke called Sir Patrick Vallance.

Before becoming the UKís Chief Scientific Advisor, Sir Patrick worked for a company called GlaxoSmithKline.

And, be sure you are sitting down for this, Glaxosmithkline makes stuff.

And do you remember that Dominic Cummings, the man who pulls the strings at 10 Downing Street, broke the lockdown and drove up to Durham and while there drove to a place called Barnard Castle to see if his eyes were working?

You do?

Well, guess who has offices at Barnard Castle?


Itís our friends GlaxoSmithKline.

And hereís another coincidence.

Guess what happened two days later.

GlaxoSmithKline signed an agreement to develop and make a Covid 19 stuff.

Next, you will remember Neil Ferguson of Imperial College of course.

(Incidentally, Iím fed up with the Government listening to Neil Ferguson who has been serially discredited and at the end of this criminal enterprise I would rather like to see him locked up for helping to cause more global deaths than Hitler. Add in all the people who will die of starvation as a result of this unholy mess and the Hitler notion is not too far-fetched.)

We all know that Ferguson and Imperial College received huge amounts of loot from the much rightly cursed Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation but I wonder if everyone knows that Professor Whitty, the governmentís chief medical officer, received 40 million dollars from Gates for a research project.

Iím exhausted by all these coincidences. Thatíll do for today.

Oh, there is this one.

Gates is treated like some wonderful saint by the BBC.

And he has given loads of money to the BBC.

And Gates and The Guardian newspaper, the worldís most sanctimonious and hypocritical publication work together. That might have been a waste of money, however, since The Guardian will hopefully be closing soon by the way because of its links with slavery.

So, how many coincidences do you need before you have a conspiracy?

What else is there?

Oh, yes the British Government tells us proudly that one big company is already making a stuff that has not yet passed any tests. It appears that they have bypassed the usually necessary animal experiments, presumably because they have listened to me and now accept that animal experiments are unnecessary and misleading and they are going straight into manufacture though they are giving the stuff to a few people Ė presumably to see how many of them die. I bet the research paper gets published in The Lancet. This is, I feel safe in saying, the first time that a drug company has started to make something before any tests have been done. Have they been guaranteed permission to use the stuff whatever the results? Is it pre-approved whatever the danger? Or have British taxpayers underwritten the costs?

The one absolute rock bottom certainty is that you cannot safely fast track the production of anything you intend to put into human bodies.

This plan to inject everyone on the planet with an experimental stuff is, I suspect, going to be the most dangerous experiment in the history of the world. But still, we are going to give legal immunity to the researchers, the drug companies and no doubt the Government. Gates, I should mention, has a history of being involved in some pretty dodgy medical goings on. Just check out what has happened in India, for example. And take another look at my video entitled `Advice for anyone not wanting to be stuffedí.

And this, remember is all for a virus which is provably less deadly than the flu Ė and if anyone tells you different they are lying.

Oh, and another day I must talk about Gates and his determination to have us all eating his fake food and is that the reason we have to get rid of farmers. And thereís his enthusiasm for reducing the size of the world population that is worth more time. And the way he made his money. Oh thereís so much to talk about.

One thing is for certain.

The world would be a damned sight safer if Master Gates went home and used his money to hire someone to improve his rotten software.

Finally, here is another coincidence.

I hope they wonít take it personally, or feel offended, but not one one of the people I have mentioned here appear to me to have the morality of a walnut.

Copyright Vernon Coleman June 2020

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