Make no Mistake Ė This is Genocide

Vernon Coleman

I donít know about you but I find it difficult to keep up with what is going on. The chaos is all deliberate, of course. As Jean Paul Sartre pointed out, if you fill people with long-standing terror, anxiety and uncertainty you will eventually drive out their humanity and drive them towards madness. The endless promises are designed to create stress, disappointment and despair. It will all be over by the summer. It will all be over by the autumn. It will all be over by Christmas. It will all be over by Easter.

Listen to me: it will never be over. Never. Because they donít want it to be over. The transient hope is part of the brainwashing, the psy op.

I read today that GPs are being told to give 1,000 covid-19 vaccinations a day. Itís all because the stuff has to be stored at an incredibly low temperature because otherwise it turns into mustard gas or thick cut marmalade.

And because the vaccine could just be the most dangerous stuff ever made since cauliflower cheese, doctors are being told that patients need to be observed for at least 15 minutes after theyíve been murdered Ė sorry, vaccinated. Observed, in these circumstances means watching closely, being prepared to act quickly if there are serious signs of a dangerous side effect developing and, of course, knowing exactly what to do.

This means that even a fleet-footed vaccinator isnít going to be able to service more than three people an hour. And if they jab away for ten hours a day, which probably breaks at least 150 EU employment laws, they will only be able to vaccinate 30 patients a day each.

But GPs are being told they need to get through 1,000 patients a day.

So, unless my calculator needs new batteries, that means that each GP will need to employ 33 and a third qualified expert vaccine givers. No wonder the Government is looking for tens of thousands of voluntary jabbers. Maybe Gary Lineker will volunteer. He is reported to be a fan of the covid vaccine and presumably attended the same medical school as Bill Gates.

Where is the Government going to find all these skilled people? Where are they all going to stand while they jab, jab, jabber away? How many cups of tea will they get through? Will there be enough loos for them all? Can you really hire boy scouts to give vaccinations? Will ambidextrous doctors be able to jab with both hands at the same time?

These are real mysteries.

And they just add to my general sense of bewilderment.

The other day a professor called Hugh Montgomery allegedly told the BBC that people who donít wear masks have blood on their hands. Putting aside the fact that demonising the sick who cannot wear masks, and who are advised by the Government in the UK that they donít have to wear a mask, doesnít seem a very nice thing to do, I would love to have the chance to debate with Professor Montgomery. It would be a pleasure to help teach him why I can show that masks do more harm than good, to help him understand why government propaganda isnít always what it appears to be and teach him some facts he may not know about hypoxia, hypercapnia and so on. Maybe the BBC, which apparently gave Montgomery airtime, would like to stick to its charter and provide the public with balanced reporting by allowing me a few minutes to explain why people who promote face masks have blood on their hands. But that seems unlikely. The BBC, which has a financial arrangement with Bill Gates, hasnít been within hailing distance of fair or honest for years. Itís a propaganda unit for Agenda 21; disseminating lies and deceit with the same enthusiasm with which it suppresses free speech and truth. Mohammed Butt of Brand New Tube has sent a message to Professor Montgomery asking him to debate with me. Iíll be surprised if Montgomeryís balls are big enough but we live in hope.

If he debates with me I think I can make him look a fool. If he wonít debate with me then some may think he is chicken.

Incidentally, my short book Proof that masks do more harm than good is available as a PDF on and on the website. Itís free.

If the mask wearing collaborators knew the truth there would be rioting in the streets. I saw a picture of Greg Norman, a golfer, lying in a hospital bed with a mask on. The MCC, the cricket club, is selling an £8 mask in the club colours that is said to protect against airborne dust, pollen and germs. Note that: they are now promoting masks as protection against dust and pollen. You can see where itís going.

And those who wear masks have blood on their hands too because the masks cause bacterial pneumonia Ė falsely blamed on covid-19 Ė and lead us to lockdowns which lead to untold numbers of deaths. The mask wearing, test loving collaborators who roll up their sleeves and plead for the vaccine to protect them from a disease that has a 99% plus survival rate are the real killers because they are enabling and sustaining the lie. And doctors seem to have forgotten that someone with cancer is just as real and just as deserving as someone with the coronavirus.

The suppression of news and debate and the demonization of those who ask questions prove that this is a fake pandemic. Nothing in the mainstream media is trustworthy. The alleged figures for covid-19 deaths are now mixed in with flu and pneumonia.

If we had a fair crack at the mass media this scam, this war, wouldnít last a day. Governments everywhere would fall and politicians, advisors, doctors and journalists would be trying to acquire a taste for lumpy porridge.

Still, none of that really matters.

What matters is that we constantly remind ourselves who our opponents are and what weíre fighting for.

Who are they?

Well, theyíre a bunch of skulking baddies straight out of one of those older James Bond films Ė the ones where Donald Pleasance sat with a fluffy, white cat on his lap.

And their aim, like the Donald Pleasance character, is to take over the world and make a lot more money though not necessarily in that order.

The only difference is that in the Bond films the baddies have wonderfully exotic names like Scaramanga and Goldfinger.

And todayís baddies have common or garden names like, oh I donít know, Bill or George or Charles. Just ordinary type names.

But, in my view, todayís baddies are worse than anything human beings have ever faced.

No one has ever been as thoroughly evil as the politicians and scientists promoting the coronavirus hoax around the world. Never before have people been lied to so thoroughly, so consistently and with such evil purposes as we are being lied to by our oppressive, totalitarian, genocidal governments. Make no mistake Ė this is genocide. The covid-19 fraud, the lockdowns and the abandonment of the elderly and the sick are resulting in the deaths of millions. In the UK the National Health Service has become the National Death Service. They are killing the weak and the innocent because they can. Around the world hundreds of millions are being condemned to death because of the indefensible response to an alleged disease no more dangerous than the flu. The propaganda goes on and on. Even the way the name is written is a fraud. They always put COVID in capitals. But it shouldnít be Ė any more than the word `radarí should be written in capitals.

And then thereís the vaccine. What harm is that going to do? I have no idea. Nor does anyone else. This is the biggest experiment in history. An astrologer would have a better chance of telling you what is likely to happen in three months, six months or a year. In Spain they are apparently taking the names and details of anyone who doesnít take the vaccine.

Incidentally, I am puzzled as to why 12 people have so far pressed the thumbs down button on my video about the dangers officially associated with the covid-19 vaccine. How can you disapprove of a video which simply details facts? Iím impressed that there are 12 people in the 77th brigade bright enough to find the thumbs down button.

I have incidentally, with great sadness, taken the comments facility off my videos simply because there were too many people using it to promote blatant lies and deceits and fake news. The mainstream media, such as the BBC, is the place for those things. Iím sad I had to do this but I am not going to provide a wall for fascist pro-government graffiti.

I have thought a little about how we can inspire ourselves to remember our roots.

I toyed with the Magna Carta, the document which gave us the freedom which has been taken from us. The document which gave us our basic rights as people and as an independent nation.

And I toyed with Cromwellís speech to the rump parliament in 1653.

`You have sat too long here for any good you have been doing. Depart, I say, and let us have done with you. In the name of God, go!í

But Cromwell upsets a lot of people. I think itís probably the warts they find scary.

So I settled on the speech Elizabeth I made when addressing her troops who were, at the time, awaiting the arrival of the Spanish Armada in 1588. Elizabeth was courageous, determined and, above all, loyal to her people.

`Let tyrants fear;í she said, ` I have placed my chiefest strength and safeguard in the loyal hearts and goodwill of my subjects. And therefore I am come amongst you, as you see, at this time not for my recreation and disport, but being resolved in the midst and heat of battle to live and die amongst you all. To lay down for God, my kingdom and for my people, my honour and my blood even in the dust. I know I have the body of a weak and feeble woman, but I have the heart and stomach of a King and a King of England too and think it foul scorn that Parma or Spain or any Prince of Europe should dare to invade the borders of my realm; to which, rather than any dishonour shall grow by me, I myself will take up arms.'

That is our heritage.

What the hell happened?

Elizabeth I showed a rather more feisty determination to defend her country than her namesake and her family have exhibited.

Our ancestors had Elizabeth I. Our royal family wants a Global Reset and a new world order. They believe the world is overpopulated but as always their hypocrisy is deafening. They talk much nonsense about global warming but use more energy than a thousand less privileged families.

We are ruled by a bunch of traitors who have sold our birthright. And we donít even get the mess of potage.

I am staggered that the people of Britain rolled over before a ragtaggle army of the corrupt, the inept and the inspid. How did they fall for so many lies? Where is their courage? The cryptorchid bastards who wear the masks simply to avoid confrontation are betraying us all.

Are we really going to let Doris Johnson, Madge Hancock and the three stooges (without the lovability factor) take from us everything we value? (The same is true around the world, of course.)

Or are we going to stand up and fight? Complain to politicians. Send letters and emails to the media. Demand that the BBC and other broadcasters give air time to critics of the lies. Donít break the law but donít pay the BBC licence fee. Share videos and website articles with everyone you know.

Distrust the Government, avoid mass media and fight the lies.

Unless we fight hard and with determination, the year ahead, 2021, will be the last we live as free men and women.

Thatís not rhetoric.

Itís fact.

Copyright Vernon Coleman December 2.1.21

Vernon Colemanís latest novel is called `Dr Bullockís Annalsí. Itís about a GP and itís set in Victorian England. And it offers some relief from covid 19.