You canít make this stuff up!

Dr Vernon Coleman

1. Back in the 1970s, I suggested that it wasnít necessary for most people to have dental check-ups every six months. The worldís dentists leapt on my neck with drills buzzing. The truth is that the six monthly check-ups were introduced because there were too many dentists in Britain. Aussie dentists were flocking to Britain because it was possible for dentists to get rich on generous NHS fees in those days. Telling patients to have their teeth checked every six months gave dentists something to do and kept them rich, happy and off the streets Ė so politicians and dentists said six monthly check-ups were vital. Today, thereís a great shortage of dentists (especially within the NHS) because dentists are retiring in droves. The stupid lockdown rules and expensive PPE nonsenses have made life unbearable and dentists are downing tools and retiring or emigrating. Millions of people canít find a dentist at all. And so the NHS now says that six monthly check-ups arenít necessary after all. Once every two years will do nicely. Isnít it funny how the `scienceí can be changed when it isnít convenient?

2. Also in the 1970s, I suggested that doctors should use computers to warn themselves about the side effects of prescription drugs Ė and to warn about interactions. (Believe it or not, I helped write the first algorithm based software for home computers in the early 1980s). Today, doctors use computers for everything Ė including keeping medical records and writing prescriptions. But they still donít use their computers to spot prescribing errors. It would be easy to do if computers were programmed to notice that drug A will interact badly with drug B or to spot that a new symptom that has been recorded could be caused by a drug that has been prescribed. But doctors wonít do this because the medical establishment is owned by the pharmaceutical industry which doesnít want anything to interfere with the number of drugs which are prescribed.

3. The BBCís idea of a balanced panel to discuss any contentious subject (such as vaccination or global warming) is to fill a room with half a dozen people who all agree with the conspirators, the Government and one another. Then, at the end of their programme the nationís propaganda unit can announce that everyone agrees that the official line is the right one. (There is something extraordinary about the fact that people in Britain are bullied into paying a special fee so that the BBC, the Propaganda Ministry, can spread misinformation and suppress the truth.)

4. Some Tories are saying that Sunak (the one with the family links to the World Economic Forum) might turn out to be a good Prime Minister. However, this seems unlikely. Iíve looked at the long-term weather forecast and I canít see any sign of hell freezing over.

5. The Bank of England has a new woke logo which looks a bit like the old one only slightly more boring. The new logo cost us £50,000. Still, the Government has wasted £15 billion on various cock-ups in the last year so whatís another £50,000?

6. Weíre heading for a three day working week and lots of shivering in the winter. Governments all over Europe are already telling citizens to be prepared to turn down their heating and turn off their lights. The coming disaster is not a result of incompetence. The coming shortages and the thousands of winter deaths were deliberately planned, of course.

7. The 10 authors most frequently banned in Britain because they are considered to be politically incorrect, sexist, racist or `too Englishí are: Shakespeare, Dickens, Kipling, Buchan, Byron, Larkin, Defoe, Milton, Lawrence T.E. and Lawrence D.H.. Enid Blyton is the only woman regularly banned. Banning great authors seems global now. Mark Twain is frequently banned in the U.S. and French authors banned include Zola, Flaubert and Sartre. Oddly, I know of no authors of colour who have been banned Ė instead they are promoted to replace the banned or ostracised white authors. I suspect that the bans are part of a plan to destroy culture, history, self-respect and national identity.

8. Pfizer, which must have a special department for dealing with fines, has been at it again. The dirty, American drug giant has just been fined £63 million for overcharging the NHS for drugs used to control fits. The Competition and Markets Authority said that Pfizer and a drug distributor called Flynn `illegally exploited their dominant positions to charge the NHS excessive prices and make more money for themselves Ė meaning patients and taxpayers lost outí. Pfizer should be banned from selling anything ever again and the company should be broken up and sold for scrap.

9. A review of the Serious Fraud Office in the UK concluded that the disastrous mistakes made in a recent inquiry included: a failure to properly record meetings, the use of personal mobile phones for official correspondence, a failure to disclose evidence to defence lawyers and so on. This is not the first time the SFO has been found wanting. The boss of the SFO said that the findings of a former High Court judge made a sobering read but that she intends to stay put. Why wasnít she fired? Why isnít the SFO just closed down as being unfit for purpose?

10. Another town has imposed a 20 mph speed limit in residential areas. This is apparently being done to encourage cycling. Wales started the lunacy but around 157 towns in England will do the same and it will be soon be the default speed in built-up areas everywhere in the UK. The result, of course, will be poorer air quality, more noise, a greater consumption of fuel, greater danger to everyone (as driversí attention wanders), more huge delays on the roads, a fall in productivity and general chaos everywhere. Bus timetables will have to be redone (with longer gaps between buses) and taxi fares will have to rise dramatically. Rubbish collections will probably be cut. Emergency services will be worse than ever as ambulances and fire engines struggle to make their way through clogged roads. The conspirators must be cheering this latest ploy to drive all vehicles (except bicycles) off the roads. The plan, of course, is to make people eager to live in the cardboard flats in the high rise buildings where they will be told to live. I used to love cycling but I am beginning to hate cycles and the camera toting, Lycra clad, climate nutters who ride them. Why is our world being redesigned to suit their crazy demands? And when are cyclists going to be forced to pay a road tax?

Copyright Vernon Coleman July 2022

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