Manu Macron – Enemy of Democracy and Freedom

Vernon Coleman

As a result of Brexit, Manu Macron, the very small President of France, has proposed the formation of a ‘European Agency for the Protection of Democracies’.

I used to think of Manu as a very, very watered down version of Napoleon. I now think of him as a not very watered down version of Hitler.

He suggests that his new agency will provide each EU member state with European ‘experts’ to protect their election process.

I suspect that this is Macron-speak for appointing a team of eurocrats to make sure that no citizens anywhere in the EU are ever again allowed to vote to leave.

If Britain ever manages to get out of the EU we will be the last to be able to leave.

Citizens of the remaining countries will have to stay in the EU forever – prisoners of Hitler’s dream and supervised by the little froggy person.

Macron dreams of a United States of Europe with himself sitting on a throne. He wants the Nazi dream and he’s such a complete cretin that he thinks we will regret not being part of his entourage.

Copyright Vernon Coleman March 2019