Why So Many Celebrities Are Remainers

Vernon Coleman

There are four reasons:

1. They want to please the BBC – the most important and best paying employer for those in the media. (The BBC was, of course, bought by the EU some years ago.)

2. They feel guilty about their absurd wealth and status and believe that by pretending to care about `issues’ they will attract the `ordinary people’ as fans.

3. They are not very bright.

4. They want to appear to be caring without having to do anything silly like pay tax, do voluntary work or take any real interest in anyone other than themselves. (To avoid meeting their civil obligations most lefty luvvie Remainers live abroad where tax rates are less onerous.)

Copyright Vernon Coleman November 2019

P.S. Celebrities would not be remainers if they had read Zina Cohen’s book A Shocking History of the EU. If they knew the truth they would run away from the EU as fast as they could.