World War III Update (10th March 2023)

Dr Vernon Coleman

The designer war which the American led NATO forced us into fighting has changed the world dramatically and the world is now well and truly screwed. The conspirators have created a designer war and are now using it to their advantage.

You will not be surprised to hear that the changes have all been to the advantage of the conspirators and have pushed us closer and closer to the Great Reset.

Here are some of the changes that have resulted as a direct consequence of the entirely artificial World War III which we are now all involved in – to save a country (Ukraine) which few people knew anything about a year ago and about which few people now care for more than they care for other countries which are involved in wars (Yemen, Congo, Syria, etc.).

1. Energy prices soared as absurd sanctions against Russia resulted in the price of oil and gas in Europe rose dramatically. When the Americans bombed the Nord Stream pipeline, the cost of gas rose even more. (The Americans bombed the pipeline in a deliberate attempt to deprive Europe of cheap Russian gas, to force European countries deeper into the war and to help sell American LNG to European countries.) Energy prices have fallen temporarily but will rise again next winter. Many people cannot afford to stay warm and to eat. As I predicted two years ago, hundreds of millions in Asia and Africa will die. There is pressure to spend more on `green’ energy – even though this doesn’t work.

2. The war has destroyed global security.

3. Before the war began, NATO was an organisation without a purpose. It had been founded to counteract the USSR. Without the USSR, NATO had no purpose. Today, NATO has become important again. And NATO is expanding and collecting more members and power.

4. Defence budgets are being massively increased. Arms companies are making huge fortunes out of the war. Conspirators with arms company shares are getting ever richer.

5. The global economy has been destroyed. The long-term effect on pensions, savings, etc. will be terrible.

6. The world is now divided into two factions. On one side is the West and on the other side are Russia, China, India, etc.

7. India and China are getting cheap oil and gas from Russia. They will prosper economically.

8. The relationship between the US and China has deteriorated and there is talk of China entering World War III. The Americans seem to be taunting China in the hope that this will happen.

9. World trade is rapidly coming to an end.

10. Chinese apps such as TikTok are being banned. This will allow American owned websites to take more control of the internet.

11. Inflation has soared (largely because the rise in the cost of energy and food). Despite promises by central bankers and politicians, inflation isn’t going to disappear. Once inflation goes above 8% it takes years to go back down. In the next few days I will produce evidence on this website showing that in the UK the Government knows that the inflation rate is 30%.

12. Interest rates are going up and will stay high.

13. There is going to be a severe and lasting global recession.

14. There are going to be many bankruptcies and much unemployment around the world.

15. The current war will last for years. The plan is that eventually the chaos, the pain and the widespread desire for peace will mean that we will move rapidly towards a world government – the plan of the conspirators.

To find out more about the future read: `They want your money and your life’ which is available via the bookshops on or direct from Amazon. If you would prefer not to know what is happening or where everything is heading then please fill a bucket with sand and put your head in it. Alternatively, pull up the sheets and stay in bed for the rest of your life.

Copyright Vernon Coleman March 2023