March 13th 2019: The Death of Freedom and Democracy in Britain

Vernon Coleman

The House of Commons has just voted not to leave the EU without a deal.

Remainer MPs and the Government have destroyed Britainís credibility and negotiating power with the EU.

For two years, Theresa May insisted that she would, if necessary, support a Ďno dealí exit. Inevitably, she has (again) changed her mind. Tonight she voted against leaving without a deal. She has proved herself to be a piece of political trash. Our so-called Prime Minister is a shameless eurotart; no more than a cheap and biddable floozy for the EU.

May should have used Government power to impose a three line whip on the vote. Instead it was a free vote. Traitors had a free chance to stab Britain in the back.

The one thing you must always do when negotiating is to keep the possibility of a Ďno dealí on the table.

We are now at the EUís mercy.

Theresa May has left us flat on our backs with our legs wide open.

Juncker and his pals can do whatever they like with us.

Our last shred of freedom and democracy disappeared tonight.

Heaven knows what will happen now.

There is no point in having a second referendum. MPs rejected the result of the first one and everyone knows that they will only accept the result a second vote if it goes in the EUís favour.

Those of us who love our country, our freedom and our democracy voted to leave the EU. There was never any need for a compromise with the Remainers. They would not have compromised with us if theyíd won.

But we have all been betrayed by a House of Commons dominated by Nazi loving traitors Ė all out for nice fat jobs with the EU, Goldman Sachs and other corporate bastards.

I find it staggering that there are still people around in Britain who believe in the EU.

Eurocrats have done all they can to damage Britain. They have (with the help of our Remainer Government) humiliated the nation.

All MPs who want to delay Brexit are irrational, incompetent and criminally insane.

It isnít only in Britain that the EU is hated. In France, the yellow vests are complaining because of the unreasonable taxes imposed by the European Union. In most other EU countries the eurocrats are loathed.

Our Prime Ministerís total lack of integrity has damaged what remained of our civilisation. The disgraceful actions of Members of Parliament mean that there is now no trust, no honour, no respect and no dignity.

How can anyone expect honesty when our Ministers and MPs behave selfishly and without any thought for the people they are paid to represent?

I know it sounds bizarre but it is really no exaggeration that what has happened in the last two years will now lead to the end of the civilisation we know.

Without respect, dignity, honour and trust what is left?

Every smug, treacherous MP who voted against the no deal option is a traitor who should be hung.

We must now work hard to ensure that their political careers are finished.

The Nazis think theyíve won.

They havenít.

Today we weep for the loss of our nation, our independence and our self-respect.

Retribution starts tomorrow.

Copyright Vernon Coleman March 13th 2019

Watch this website for advice on how we can fight back against the Neo-Nazi hordes. Meanwhile, for rock solid proof that the EU was created by Nazis to promote German interests do please read Zina Cohenís excellent book The Shocking History of the EU. Zina Cohenís book also contains the biographies of the EUís 40 founding fathers. Itís a great book to use as a reference if you find yourself debating with Remainers. Iíve been writing about the EU and its Nazi connections for 20 years but there is astonishing stuff in here that I didnít know. Her book is packed with facts. It is now impossible for Remainers to say ĎOh that Nazi stuff was debunked.í The book is available on Amazon as an eBook and a paperback. Jack Kingís book All Remainers are Neo-Nazis is also available and if you buy the paperback the title makes it an excellent book to leave lying around where Remainers can see it. Iíve been buying large numbers of both books and distributing them to MPs and media folk. And the publishers have promised to use all their profits to distribute copies to journalists and politicians around the world.