Dr Vernon Coleman

As much as I would love to, I can’t go to marches and demonstrations. Part of me would love to be there, with like-minded people, though I admit I find meeting anyone impossibly difficult since I’ve been demonised on the internet. I no longer recognise the self that is portrayed.

In the middle of March 2020 I made a video entitled `Coronavirus: The Hoax of the Century?’

The evidence that the coronavirus scare was a hoax was convincing – though I remember putting a question mark at the end of the original title because hardly anyone else seemed to agree with me. I felt that calling covid-19 a major threat was a wild exaggeration.

The video went viral and within hours it had been viewed over a million times. The word `hoax’ was used everywhere. But the day after the video appeared I became a pseudoscientist, a conspiracy theorist, a discredited doctor, anti-vaxxer and all sorts of other awful things.

Words such as discredited appeared on a Wikipedia page which had for 20 years listed the books I’d written, the TV programmes I’d made, the successful campaigns I’d fought and so on. Lovely quotes from the press were removed. There were even attempts to take down details of my novels and, I think, a film that had been made of one of them. Thirty-year-old nonsensical distortions were suddenly included. To see how Wikipedia demonised me see my video entitled 'How Wikipedia is used as a weapon'.

All the good stuff disappeared, leaving me with a Wikipedia worse than those of some of the worst Nazi war criminals.

Lazy journalists writing stories about me just looked at Wikipedia and so the lies were spread and given false credence. Journalists who had never spoken to me and knew nothing about my work suddenly felt able to trash a lifetime’s work and campaigning.

It was, of course, part of an organised plan to ensure that few people would listen to me. The co-founder of Wikipedia has written about the CIA and other government agencies editing pages and he excoriates Google for helping establish Wikipedia’s undeserved popular perception of credibility. He complains that Wikipedia has abandoned neutrality and is used as a tool for social manipulation.

In the year which followed, the demonization continued. It got so bad that I now never look at the internet because I don’t want to see what they’re saying about me.

But I’m still a doctor, still a former GP.

And there aren’t many medical doctors in the UK on the front line of this war. Medical doctors are considered a real threat and are very vulnerable because of the disciplinary processes, and doctors around the world have been subjected to attacks. Dr Mohammad Adil was suspended by the General Medical Council for daring to question the Government line.

What’s this got to do with my going on marches or demonstrations?

Well, if I get arrested – for anything – Wikipedia will immediately add `criminal’ to the mindless abuse.

I don’t give a fig about the arresting process. I’m destroyed anyway – though, given the number of doctors around the world who have died rather mysteriously I suppose I should be concerned that I might fall down some stone steps and break my skull. Or that I suddenly drop dead from a heart attack with no history of heart problems.

But no one on the other side of this war will bother to see I’ve been arrested for not wearing a mask or social distancing.

I’ll be a criminal.

And that will, I fear, result in my losing my medical qualifications. I won’t even be able to describe myself as a former GP. Any chance of sharing the truth with more people, with some real authority, will be permanently damaged.

You might think this sounds unlikely but I’ve lost touch with what is likely or unlikely. In the last year I was permanently banned from Facebook, being told I would be a threat to the community, and not allowed to join Twitter. I didn’t get banned for a week. I wasn’t allowed to join.

I’ve been banned outright from numerous publishing platforms. YouTube has taken down scores of my videos even though some contained material other people were allowed to publish and all contained nothing but the truth. Also, Muhammed Butt was told that BNT would have to close if my videos weren’t permanently removed. (With astonishing loyalty and friendship he got round that by moving BNT out of the UK so that they could keep carrying my videos.)

And a few days ago I was told that I was being expelled from the Royal Society of Arts. Why? Well, the letter I originally received said this:

`Given your views, including your recent involvement in the BBC Panorama programme, the disciplinary officers have concluded they must issue a prospective expulsion.’

So I was expelled because I appeared on a BBC Panorama programme over which I had absolutely no control and which I think was completely unfair and, like most of the BBC’s output, misleading at best. I was expelled because I have consistently shared my views about covid-19. There have been no untruths in any of my books, articles or videos about covid. But it seems to me that the truth is now considered unacceptable.

And I was demonised by the BBC in my absence. I wasn’t invited to take part in the programme even though I have for a year challenged the Government’s medical advisors to a live TV debate.

So, you see the problem. The net is constantly tightening.

I have lost all sense of the possible and the impossible.

If Wikipedia could add the words `arrested’ and `criminal’ to their page of lies and distortions the words would spread like wildfire and the chances I have of sharing the truth will be destroyed.

Even though I am retired I could, as things are, apply for medical licence to be reinstated and they’d have to give it back to me.

But if I’m arrested for anything the authorities will find some way to destroy the very small amount of credibility I have left. It’s not impossible that they’d simply take away my medical degrees. They could do that.

The enemy know that I reach many millions of people through my websites and videos and free books. They constantly use shills and trolls and controlled opposition to spread lies.

In a way, their determination to silence me shows how weak their case really is. If governments are terrified of an old man in a chair they must know that their case is a pretty flimsy one.

So I will carry on fighting.

But with words and not with my feet.

Copyright Vernon Coleman April 2021

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