175 Million March for Brexit (It Might Have Been More)

Vernon Coleman

The Home Office has confirmed that a march in London today contained 175 million people protesting at the way the Government has ignored voters.

And a petition signed by Brexiteers has now obtained 4.5 billion signatures. It may well be more.

Copyright Vernon Coleman March 2019

P.S. I am heartily fed up with Remainers exaggerating the size of their enthusiasms. A recent march in London is still being said to have consisted of one million people. That’s bollocks. At the most there were 250,000 people. And I bet they were Londoners, mostly European imports desperate to stay in Britain to use our benefits system, and all so ‘sad’ and deluded that they had nothing else to do for the day except wave silly flags and carry absurd posters. (Remainers do like their flags don’t they? The most hypocritical flag waving ever took place at last year’s Last Night at the Proms when Remainers waved their silly Nazi flags as they sang ‘Land of Hope and Glory’ and ‘Rule Britannia’. Not even Bono could match that for hypocrisy.) And as for the petition which is said to have been signed by six million – well huge numbers of those were from North Korea, Russia and probably the moon. And the Government is now investigating the possibility that fraudsters affected the petition. I wonder who was responsible for the fraud? Couldn’t possibly have been the EU, could it – even though the EU has access to lists of British electors and DVLA driver details.