Mark Twain’s Bra

Vernon Coleman

I discovered today that the elastic hook clasp which connects the two straps of a bra was invented by Mark Twain under his real name Samuel L Clemens. He invented it in 1871. His drawing in his patent application shows the little hooks and several rows of suitable eyes so that the straps could be tightened or loosened at will.

And film actress Hedy Lamar invented a radio guidance system for torpedoes which is used in Bluetooth technology and WiFi.

Any author who wants to write an intriguing book should look for another 98 similar examples of celebrities inventing stuff.

Taken from Tickety Tonk – Vernon Coleman’s Seventh Diary – available as a paperback and an eBook on Amazon. The book is so big that the paperback can also be used as a doorstop.

Copyright Vernon Coleman May 2019