Mayday Mayday Mayday

Vernon Coleman

The term Mayday is a recognised international distress sign.

Today, March 29th, it seems an appropriate call sign for Britain.

The British were planning to leave the EU on March 29th but a pathetic Prime Minister has enabled her colleagues in the Remain camp to destroy that dream. Itís perhaps not surprising that the term Mayday is an international call sign for distress.

Hundreds of other MPs are opposed to the simple Brexit the people want, and many of them have been playing games in order to defeat the will of the people.

MPs on both sides of the House have used every dirty trick they can think of to delay or oppose democracy.

We currently have a Parliament packed with hundreds of deceitful, dishonest, self-serving, greedy hypocrites who donít understand the meaning of words such as dignity, respect, responsibility or patriotism.

MPs voting Remain are finished in politics.

But I suspect that some of them may be sticking to Remain through ignorance, stubbornness or the knowledge that it is now too late for them to change their minds Ė and in the hope and belief that they will be offered well-paid jobs by the EU or Goldman Sachs.

The MPs who stole our democracy and who have fought so relentlessly against the will of the British people can now sit back and watch as racist violence becomes endemic in Britain.

Frustration, disappointment and a sense of having been disenfranchised and marginalised will create massive amounts of racist violence in our society Ė particularly in our cities and large towns. A long running civil war is just around the corner.

Anyone who lives in a large city such as London, Birmingham, Manchester or Bristol might want to think about leaving.

Thanks to the timidity and incompetence of Theresa May, the future for Britain is bleaker than at any time in modern history.

And if young people really want something to worry about they should forget the climate change myth (a piece of pseudoscience propaganda with its own hidden agenda) and worry about a Corbyn Government. For now that May has destroyed the Tory party a Labour Government is a real possibility. And the consequences of that will not be pretty.

Millennials obviously canít remember what life was like behind the Iron Curtain in the 1960s and 1970s. It was like the EU but even worse. Party members ran things. There were long queues for bread and shoes. There were endless regulations and rules and bureaucrats had enormous power. Everything was coloured grey and people lived in fear.

If Corbyn gets into Downing Street the millennials, enthusiastic Corbynistas, will get the chance to relive history.

Oh dear.

Copyright Vernon Coleman March 29th 2019

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