Meat Causes Cancer

Dr Vernon Coleman MB ChB DSc FRSA

The latest big news in the world of medicine is the discovery that the incidence of colon cancer is soaring.

And the teenage experts who have popped out of school to offer their commentary have deduced that the problem is caused by people eating too much meat.

Well, thereís a huge surprise for you.

It has been well known for decades that meat causes cancer. The scientific evidence supporting the existence of this relationship is well established and incontrovertible.

But the problem is that the meat industry is too powerful and will not allow the truth to be shared with the public.

When, in the 1980s and 1990s, I wrote articles and columns drawing attention to the link between eating meat and acquiring cancer I was widely banned.

The Press Complaints Commission forbad me to repeat the allegation.

The Advertising Standards Authority (which is actually a private body paid for largely by big companies) castigated me and told me that I could not run advertisements for my book Food for Thought because it contained evidence that meat causes cancer.

I offered both organisations copies of more than two dozen scientific papers proving my point. But the PCC and the ASA werenít interested in the facts.

Even publications which were prepared to ignore the ASA refused ads. So, for example, Ian Hislopís magazine Private Eye refused to run an advertisement for Food for Thought.

I was told that Hislop, the little weed, thought that the advert might upset his readers. Maybe he thought them unable to cope with the truth.

The result is that hundreds of thousands of people died unnecessarily.

And those deaths can be blamed on the Press Complaints Commission and the Advertising Standards Authority.

The bottom line: meat causes cancer.

If you eat meat your chances of developing cancer are much higher than if you donít.

Indeed (and this is the really shocking thing) meat causes more cancer than tobacco.

You wonít read that anywhere else because the rich and powerful meat industry wonít allow the truth to be published.

Note: Vernon Colemanís book Food for Thought contains (among many other things) summaries of over two dozen scientific papers which prove that meat causes cancer. Food for Thought is available as an ebook on Amazon.

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