The McCann Mystery

Dr Vernon Coleman MB ChB DSc FRSA

The metropolitan police are apparently asking for yet more money for their Madeleine McCann inquiry. They’ve spent around £12 million already and now want more taxpayers’ cash.

Am I missing something here?

In a previous article on this website (entitled `The McCanns: Too Many Questions and Too Few Answers’) I listed a host of questions which the McCanns still do not seem to have answered.

Wouldn’t the police serve the public better by demanding that the McCanns answer those outstanding questions before any more taxpayers’ money is spent on what has so far been an entirely fruitless search?

Two other points:

The current official ‘value of a preventable fatality’ in the UK is £1.83 million.

That’s what the Government thinks it is fair to spend to prevent a single death.

Every year thousands of people who could have been saved die because the Government didn’t think it was worth spending money to save them. Thousands of people die because the NHS isn’t allowed to spend money on needed drugs. Road safety improvements aren’t made because there isn’t enough money available.

I estimate (and I admit it is an estimate) that the £12 million already spent on the McCanns could have saved at least 5,000 lives if the money had been used to reduce waiting times for essential hospital tests.

The McCanns, of course, have been backed by numerous Prime Ministers and cabinet ministers. No one is quite sure why.

And the McCanns are reported to have the best part of £1,000,000 in a Madeleine fund. If they think detectives would help, why don’t they spend that money? Wasn’t that why it was donated? (When I last looked, I noticed that around half a million was in an investment account.)

Oh, and how much have the McCanns spent of their own after tax income on the search? If I lost a loved one and believed they could be found I would spend every penny I could raise.

Finally, it is worthwhile pointing out that thousands of other children go missing – but virtually no public money is spent looking for them. The official figures show that in Britain a child goes missing every three minutes.

Why are the McCanns getting such special treatment?

If the police are still working for us perhaps they wouldn’t mind giving us a few answers.

Copyright Vernon Coleman August 2017

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