Meat Causes Cancer

Dr Vernon Coleman MB ChB DSc FRSA

I recently saw an official list of the acknowledged causes of cancer.

The list contained no mention of food as a cause of cancer.

This annoyed me a great deal for there is clear evidence that food is just as big a cause of cancer as tobacco.

And the single foodstuff that causes most cancer is meat particularly red meat.

My book Food for Thought (available as an eBook on Amazon) contains summaries of 26 scientific papers proving that meat causes cancer. The first edition of Food for Thought was published in 1994 and there have, over the years, been many attempts made to suppress the book. But it is still available.

So why is meat omitted from so many official causes of cancer?


The meat industry is bigger and more powerful than the tobacco industry. As a result of pressure from the meat industry, I have been banned from mentioning the link between meat and cancer even though there are scores of scientific papers proving the link.

Its difficult to think of a bigger scandal.

I honestly believe that the meat industry has now probably killed more people than Big Tobacco!

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