Mainstream Media has Committed Suicide

Dr Vernon Coleman

Newspaper circulations have been falling for years. In 2003 I resigned as a columnist on The Sunday People newspaper after the editor refused to print a column I had written criticising the Iraq War. The circulation then was 1.4 million. Recent figures show that the circulation has fallen to 87,000 though it’s probably lower than that now.

Britain’s other newspapers have also seen their circulations fall.

And the collapse has been dramatic in the last two years – since the newspapers betrayed the public and sold their integrity for money from the Government and in some cases for a `financial relationship’ the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation.

Today the national press has remarkably little influence.

In the two years from 2020 this is what has happened to newspaper circulations:

The Daily Mail fell from 1,169,000 to 862,000.

The Daily Mirror fell from 451,000 to 313,000

The Express fell from 296,000 to 205,000

The Star fell from 277,000 to 185,000

The i fell from 217,000 to 137,000

The Financial Times fell from 157,000 to 113,000

The Guardian now keeps its circulation secret. I don’t blame them. In July 2021 The Guardian circulation was 105,135. I would be surprised if it were not under 100,000 today. Other papers, such as The Sun, also keep their circulations private.

Television programmes aren’t doing too well either.

The awful Piers Morgan’s new TV show had a viewing audience of 32,000 the last time I looked. Nigel Farage on GB News managed 74,000.

To put these figures in perspective, my last video (`Ready for the BIG KILL’) had viewing figures of 121,000 on BrandNewTube and BitChute.

And for the record the latest, official global traffic to my website was 3,020,793. (It used to be three or four times higher but I have been suppressed and banned in many countries.) My other website has similar figures.

Copyright Vernon Coleman July 2022

Vernon Coleman’s book `Coming Apocalypse’ was published in April 2020 – over two years ago. It was the first book to explain the truth of what was happening –and how the coronavirus hoax was being controlled.