Memo to Prime Minister

Dr Vernon Coleman MB ChB DSc FRSA

Here are two things you must remember:

First, the EU wants the Brexit negotiations to fail. (They are, however, terrified of Britain leaving without a deal of any kind. Without a deal, Britain would be strong and a real threat to the EU.)

Second, the regiments of EU staff (all of whom are unelected servants) are desperate to humiliate Britain. They have to humiliate Britain.

If Britain succeeds in leaving the EU with dignity then the EU will collapse as other countries follow in search of their own independence and freedom.

And tens of thousands of overpaid, underworked, arrogant EU employees will have to find proper jobs (though they will doubtless be comforted by their massive, inflation proofed pensions which we will be paying for evermore.)

So, the EU is desperate for the Brexit negotiations to leave Britain weak and damaged.

And the Remoaners are making life easier for the EU and harder for Britain.

Every Remoaner is a traitor who should be tried and duly hung.

Copyright Vernon Coleman 2018