Coronavirus: Mental Health Problems Will Now Soar

Dr Vernon Coleman MB ChB DSc FRSA

Itís been pretty obvious for over two months that the mental health issues arising from the absurd and unnecessary global lockdown and social distancing policies will be unprecedented. There will be twin, genuine pandemics of anxiety and depression.

It has also been clear from the start that the medical profession will be quite incapable of dealing with the massive demand for help.

The response of doctors will inevitably be to prescribe drugs such as tranquillisers, sedatives, hypnotics and anti-depressants which will do little or nothing to help the patients for whom they are prescribed but which will produce a mass of dangerous side effects including addiction and an increased risk of suicide.

So far so bad, but it gets worse.

I have been studying the effects of stress on human beings for nearly 50 years. My book Stress Control was published in 1978 and was the first mass market book to introduce the concept of stress as a factor in mental and physical health. At the time it was considered heretical and controversial to regard stress as having any influence whatsoever and one Professor of Medicine called for me to be struck off the medical register for daring to suggest that stress might have an effect on blood pressure.

As the days and weeks of this manufactured fake crisis have passed by, I have become increasingly convinced that what is happening is not a result of a combination of misjudgement, misfortune and incompetence but a result of manipulation and oppression.

I didnít come to this conclusion lightly. Whenever things go badly wrong it is always more likely to be a result of incompetence than of conspiracy in high places.

But the evidence in favour of a conspiracy is now irresistible.

Right from the start it has been clear that the coronavirus was not a new plague. Back in March the UKís public health bodies concluded that the virus was not `a high consequence infectious diseaseí.

And yet, just days after this, the UK Government introduced the most tyrannical bill ever passed by a British parliament Ė the 358 page Emergency Bill which took us back to pre Magna Carta days. King John himself would have been proud of Johnsonís ruthless and unnecessary power grab. Unfortunately, we donít have a King Richard to ride to our rescue. Not even during the Black Death plague was so much power taken from the people. Our civil rights have disappeared and there is no sign of them returning. It is no exaggeration to say that many people in the world now live in police states.

Everything I have written to date has been proved right. Experts now agree that we should have done far more testing in March and that Ferguson (the mathematical modellers whose theories decided Government policy) had mistakenly exaggerated the risks. I am by no means the only person to realise that Fergusonís track record is appalling. His predictions seem to me as reliable as those of a fortune teller using an upturned goldfish bowl to guide her.

Fergusonís initial claim that 500,000 Britons would die of the coronavirus is still being quoted, even though the estimate has been discredited and the modelling questioned, to put it politely.

Much fuss is made of the fact that 300,000 people are now alleged to have died around the world. I doubt if many doctors still believe this figure for there is little doubt that it a wildly exaggerated number. And though every one of those deaths is a tragedy the figure has to be put against the figure of 650,000 which is the number who can die of flu in a single season. Malaria can kill over 600,000 in a year without anyone turning a hair. And tuberculosis recently killed 1,500,000 million people in a single year. I donít remember councils taping up park benches to protect us from that danger.

The UK Governmentís appalling record on testing puts it in 41st place in the world, far below Lithuania, Luxembourg and Cyprus. Several studies have suggested that a huge percentage of the population has already had the virus and that those people are, therefore, now immune. The Minister responsible for this failure should be looking for employment elsewhere.

There is also now widespread medical support for my contention that the lockdown was not only unnecessary and counter-productive in controlling the infection but also guaranteed to cause far more deaths and mayhem than the virus itself. In my book Coming Apocalypse I have described the future we face and every day that passes produces yet more evidence that every forecast I made is going to come true.

Sadly, and rather worryingly, such views are however frequently suppressed or mocked in the mainstream media. YouTube banned three videos of mine which as far as I can see broke none of its guidelines.

I can only see two possible conclusions from all this.

The first is that the politicians and the Governmentís scientific and medical advisors are all stupid and I am brilliant.

The second is that there has been a conspiracy to exaggerate the danger of the coronavirus in order to grab power and damage our rights and freedoms.

I cannot see any other explanation.

Now, as much as I would like to accept the first conclusion I am old enough and realistic enough to know it is not very likely.

The second conclusion is far more likely.

And once we accept that there is a conspiracy then all bets are off and we must re-examine everything that is happening.

And this takes us back to mental health and the coming twin pandemics of anxiety and depression which are going to do infinitely more harm than a pesky virus which has proveably done far less damage than some flu bugs.

And it quickly becomes apparent that governments have done everything possible to create more anxiety and exacerbate the incidence of depression.

Everything the Government in the UK has done has been designed to create loneliness and a sense of fear. The lockdowns and absurd social distancing policies were never necessary but are now destined to be part of our lives indefinitely. The threat that lockdowns will be reintroduced will be kept hovering over heads like the sword of Damocles. And we are told that social distancing policies must be maintained indefinitely in case this well-marketed brand of the flu reappears. When the lockdown rules were slightly relaxed in England on 20th May, a Government minister told the world that a son could meet his elderly parents if he met his father in the morning and his mother in the afternoon, but not together. And the meeting should take place out of doors and the participants should keep six feet apart. What the devil would they advise if the plague came back big-time?

Incidentally, why must people keep six feet apart? In some countries the required distance is three feet. And if social distancing were based on science then people would have to keep at least 24 feet apart because that is the distance that a cough or a sneeze might send an infection. (When I mentioned this scientific fact in a YouTube video the video was taken down, presumably on the grounds that sharing yet another inconvenient truth with viewers might cause embarrassment to whoever is running the world these days. Historians will look back at the way the truth has been suppressed this year and be astonished at the way freedom of speech was discarded so lightly.)

And so the fear will be maintained. The screw will be kept tightly turned.

Millions are already so terrified that they hardly dare leave their homes. It is a bizarre new variation of cabin fever.

Closing hospitals, GPs surgeries, dental surgeries and so on has added a new fear. Those who are already ill are suffering agonies as they wait for treatment. Those who are not ill are terrified that help will not be available if they need it. Around the world, 28 million surgical operations have already been cancelled or postponed, and every week that the disruption lasts will result in another 2.4 million cancellations. The UK has built ten brand new, huge and expensive hospitals for dealing with the coronavirus but only two have ever been used. The NHS has 100,000 acute medical beds. Around 40,000 of those lie empty. The number of people visiting A&E departments has fallen by more than half because people are terrified to leave their homes even when they need medical attention.

You can see the effect of the social distancing policies if you walk down the street or enter one of the few shops allowed to open. Many people step aside with terror in their eyes. They cover their mouths and turn away. We are being taught to regard our neighbours as angels of death. We are creating a world in which enjoyment will be just a memory.

I read somewhere that the coronavirus `crisisí will result in people being kinder to one another.

I have rarely read such nonsense.

This fake `crisisí will lead to ever more suspicions, fears, distrust, resentment and clinical anxiety.

I have previously pointed out that school-children, teenagers and people in their 20s will suffer most.

Cruel school and college distancing policies will inevitably lead to generations of young people suffering serious psychological problems. We are breeding lonely, frightened people. Many will become very seriously mentally ill; dangerously withdrawn and unhinged.

And all the time politicians and advisors around the world are creating ever more fear by exaggerating the risks, by withdrawing promises and regularly contradicting one another so that confusion is created

We are told that there will be no summer holidays (though if we behave ourselves we may have an extra bank holiday in the autumn) and no sporting events except on television.

And so we are denied the chance of brightening our lives with events to which we can look forward. No dinners, no celebrations, no big matches and no trips. In the unlikely event that hotels, restaurants and pubs survive the social distancing rules, visiting them will be about as much fun as root canal surgery.

And just in case we allow ourselves a glimmer of hope for the future, we are warned of massive tax rises, shattered pensions, penury and joblessness lasting for decades. We are told that even if the virus goes away it might return or mutate. There is much threatening, scary talk of the `second waveí. We are warned, quite bizarrely in my view, that we may be able to catch the disease more than once and so no one will ever be safe. (Curiously, however, it is said that magic vaccines will be prepared which will provide protection. Indeed, we have been told that a vaccine will be available within months though it usually takes years to create a vaccine.)

So, why have they done all this? They couldnít possibly have been as incompetent as they appear to be so there has to be a reason. Why have governments deliberately made their citizens anxious, depressed and obedient? Obedient being the operative word, of course.

Itís power. We now live in police states. We have no control over our lives.

And with power comes money.

And a menu of hidden agendas Ė population control, preserving the oil supplies, demonising and marginalising the elderly, replacing cash with plastic cards which can be regulated, and so on and so on.

In a forthcoming article, I will explain how governments have used classic mass hypnosis techniques to control millions.

Copyright Vernon Coleman 21st May 2020

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