Message from Vernon Coleman

Vernon Coleman

We’ve been researching, editing, writing and recording videos for seven months. During that time I’ve recorded around 100 videos – each one containing around 3,500 words. I have also written scores of articles for this website, taken part in a number of episodes of the Richie Allen Radio Show and completed two books about the coronavirus.

My latest book about the coronavirus contains the transcripts of all the videos from late April to early September. Two days after its launch under the title, Covid-19: The Greatest Hoax in History the book was blocked/banned on Amazon – though other authors’ books on this topic remain on sale. My book has now been re-edited and re-published and the new title is, Old Man in a Chair. Click here to obtain the book for free on Smashwords

Old Man in a Chair has repeatedly been blocked/banned by Amazon. So if you would like your free copy get it quickly - and ask anyone you know to get a copy too.

If you need light relief from covid-19, you might find my latest novel relaxing. It's called, Dr Bullocks Annals and it's available as a paperback and an ebook. Click here to buy the book on Amazon.

Since the end of February, we’ve had no break at all and are now absolutely exhausted. In addition to the workload, the lies and the abuse and the incessant bans and censorship have taken their toll – as they were intended to do.

(Just before my last appearance on the Richie Allen Show, our landline stopped working. Hours after the show had finished, it mysteriously started working again. Over the years this has happened many times.)

It now seems to me certain that the vaccine (if and when it comes) will not be mandatory. And although there is a good deal still to do, more and more people have woken up and several doctors are making videos for Brand New Tube. Indeed, thousands of doctors and scientists are now demanding an end to the lockdowns and are pointing out that the actions of governments around the world have been inappropriate. (I can’t help wishing they’d spoken up a little earlier.)

So, this seems a good time to take a complete break from covid-19, the internet, the videos and the radio show. The old man will still be in his chair. But he will be having a snooze with a good book on his lap. I do, however, intend to finish a new book I’m writing about the background behind the covid-19 hoax – this will be my third on the coronavirus.

And I will put articles and fact lists on this website.

So please keep visiting

But I am drained and exhausted and I am taking a short break. I feel as knackered as I am told I look.

Thank you for your support and encouragement.

Vernon Coleman, October 6th 2020