Message to Remainers: You Lost

Vernon Coleman

Amazingly, having buggered up Brexit, Remainers are complaining that they arenít being given enough consideration.

They have the entire British establishment on their side.

The House of Commons, the Government, the Bank of England, the BBC, most of the media and all political parties are Remainers. (The only paper reliably on our side is The Daily Telegraph. The Express used to be a paper for Brexiteers but it was bought by the Daily Mirror over a year ago and I fear it appears to have wilted.) His Highness President and Emperor of all Things Mr Speaker Bercow is a committed Remainer (even though he is supposed to be impartial).

And still the bloody Remainers are complaining that their views arenít being considered.

We should remind them: they LOST.

If they had won would they be bending over backwards to make sure that those who wanted to leave the EU were considered?

Of course they wouldnít.

They wouldnít give a damn or move an inch in our direction.

So, Remainers now have no rights at all.

They were defeated.

Ah, but that isnít the way things work these days is it?

Remainers (who are mainly millennials) donít like to lose. They think they are always entitled to get their own way.

They see that the Nazis (who lost World War II) are now controlling Europe and so they think that being defeated doesnít mean that you lose.

The world is upside down.

So, bugger them all.

We have declared independence and are now flying a huge Jolly Roger at the edge of our garden Ė right on the edge of Jurassic Coast. If the diminutive Macron borrows a telescope and stands on a chair heíll be able to see it.

As far as Iím concerned we are leaving the EU on Friday 29th March.

I donít give a toss what the politicians say.

Copyright Vernon Coleman March 28th 2019