17.4 Million Suspects

Vernon Coleman

Theresa May and the other Remainers believe that we Brexiteers voted to leave the EU because we are thick.

They now believe that we won’t notice that they have devised a form of Brexit that means that we will be tied to the Nazis more closely than ever.

May, Hammond and the other Remainers are so arrogant and full of hubris that they think we won’t notice that they are wearing jackboots and sporting little moustaches as they march around Westminster glorying in their victory over democracy.

Well, we’ve noticed.

And both the Tory Party and the Anti-Semitic Party are dead.

Copyright Vernon Coleman April 2019

P.S. If May or Hammond are assassinated, the police will have 17.4 million suspects.

P.P.S. I have decided to stop referring to EU officials as neo-Nazis. Their behaviour suggests to me that they should be referred to as Nazis in their own right. Hitler would be proud of them all.