Dr Colin M Barron: `A Life by Misadventure’

Vernon Coleman

My friend Colin Barron has made a wonderful series of funny but informative videos for YouTube and Brand New Tube. He is also a successful and brilliant author.

One of his most wonderful books is called, A Life by Misadventure – which is, as you might suspect, autobiographical. It’s a love story – and a story of how two people’s love grew stronger through adversity.

Writing the book would have required immense courage. But living through years of pain and suffering would have required courage, too. It’s informative, insightful and above all else inspirational. Written from the heart there is blood on every page.

Now Colin has created three videos based on the book and the first episode is on YouTube and Brand New Tube.

But I recommend that you read the book for the full story.

The title, in case you’ve forgotten already is A Life by Misadventure. And it’s available on Amazon.

Copyright Vernon Coleman January 19th 2021