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`Everyone should read at least one of Vernon Coleman's books. If you hate political correctness, Big Brother government or the medical establishment, then read at least two.' - Amazon

Old Man in an Old Car
Vernon Coleman bought a car (built in 1957) as a last adventure. But he soon realised that the old car was a perfect analogy not just for what happens to us as we age, but also how we should respond to those changes.

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Vernon Coleman's Dictionary of Old English Words and Phrases: An essential vocabulary of traditional English for language lovers
Unique collection of Victorian and rarely used words with explanations, anecdotes and bits of history.

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Vernon Coleman's English Heroes
- `My aim in writing this book has been a simple one: to enable readers to learn the basic details about the most important men and women in English history and how and why their contributions deserve to be remembered. Some of the people in this book are far less well-known that they ought to be, thanks to the prejudices and bigotry of many commentators. I hope that even ardent historians will find surprises here and that when you have finished reading about my 100 heroes you will know, and understand, a great deal more about England, English history and the people who made England great. These are men and women who, in one way or another, honoured themselves and their country and made the world a better place for the rest of us. These men and women were unique and irreplaceable. They all made huge contributions to life on earth. These men and women were all giants. They were giants of their time and they are giants of our time. We should be grateful for their lives, celebrate their work and be proud that they were English' - Vernon Coleman

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Money Power
Moneypower, written by a highly successful private investor with nearly 50 years practical experience, is a guide book to investing designed to put power over money into your own hands.The author, a doctor and professional writer has no links whatsoever with any part of the financial industry.The honest, impartial book you can recommend that your children and grandchildren read so that they grow up understanding money and investing.

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Secrets of Paris
Vernon Coleman's very personal, wry look at Paris and the Parisians. A light hearted, loving, much praised introduction to the heart and soul of the city by a bestselling writer who loves Paris and has had a home there for 20 years. Readers will need to appreciate irony. Selected as Book of the Month by `French' magazine and highly praised by `Destination France' and other expert reviewers.`Is it travel writing or reference? Actually it cleverly manages to combine both. Before you've finished reading I guarantee you'll be planning a visit. Secrets of Paris gives you just that - an insight into Parisian life, packed with local and personal anecdotes, and historical and socio-political information. Refreshingly, this isn't just a trite travel book but a readable, funny and intelligent guide to what to do and what not to do and see in the city. Imagine getting top tips from a trusted friend who has lived in Paris for a few years.' - French Magazine `This isn't a guide book although its sub-title is Paris for Beginners, an Insider's Guide. Rather, it's a witty series of observations about life in Paris.

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My Favourite Books
Over 100 non fiction books I've read more than once and hope to read again.

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Cheese Rolling
Sunday Times bestselling author Vernon Coleman travels through England, from Sidmouth in the south, to Buxton in the north. In this offbeat travel book with a difference the author is looking for evidence that England and the English are still alive, kicking and eccentric. He travels to Taunton, Wells, Lacock, Cheltenham, Hereford, Stratford upon Avon, Bakewell and Buxton. He visits Stroud, Gloucester and Eyam and meets some extraordinary characters. On the way he investigates cheese rolling and shin kicking and discovers the difference between a city and a town. He reveals the surprising truth that England is officially no longer a nation, and feeds the swans on the river Avon. He explains the difference between a Bakewell tart and a Bakewell pudding and reveals why England has so many pubs.

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Thomas Winsdens Cricketing Almanack
'It's a very, very funny book.' - The Sunday Times
`No one laughed louder than the real editor of Wisden at extracts read out aloud in the press box.' - Daily Telegraph 'A chuckle a page spoof.' - Kent Evening Post
`You will find Thomas Winsden's Cricketing Almanack a rare treat...it is, of course, a spoof of Wisden...witty and very funny.' Cricket World
`It's a sort of Monty Python's guide to cricket - an irreverent but fond look at the game...the book caters for all senses of humour...and is obviously written by a person who knows the game.' - Hayward's Heath
`Coleman is a very funny writer.' - This England
Test umpire David Shepherd carried a copy in the pocket of his white coat and read bits out during hold ups in play!
`Provided aficionados appreciate the fun side of their sport they'll have a rare old chuckle or two.' - Sunday Post

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Diary of a Cricket Lover
It is, it seems, compulsory for professional cricketers to write an autobiography (usually ghosted) but Diary of a Cricket Lover is the autobiography of a spectator. Vernon Coleman's diary of the 1984 season has become a classic. (Three extracts from it appear in `All in a Day's Cricket', Brian Levison's 2012 `anthology of outstanding cricket writing'.)In a hard-hitting, straight from the shoulder book Vernon Coleman tells why he thinks modern cricketers are mollycoddled and why he thinks cricketers' benefits should be abandoned. You can read the truth about the Worcester Pork Pie Fiasco, the Edgbaston car park problem, the story of the day when a committee member nearly got thrown off the balcony at Lords and the perils of spectatorship in the 1980s. Dealing with every aspect of cricket from sponsorship to scorecards Vernon Coleman reminds us that cricket is too important to be left to the experts.

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England's Glory
An unashamed celebration of England and all things English. A recent survey showed English citizens were responsible for four out of every five great inventions. Here are lists and minibiographies of writers, inventors,eccentrics and great buildings. There are sections on puddings, queuing and Morris dancing and much much more.

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Animal Experiments: Facts Every Animal Lover Should Know
An extensive analysis of animal experimentation by a qualified doctor.

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The Wisdom of Animals
Gentle, caring readers who respect animals will adore this warm hearted, hugely popular book which was well reviewed when published in hardback. The "Wisdom of Animals" proves that animals are more sensitive and more thoughtful than many find comfortable. "The Wisdom of Animals" is a concise but comprehensive account of the evidence proving both that animals are sentient creatures and that they are considerably wiser than is usually believed. The authors show that all animals are capable of love and altruistic behaviour; they explain that animals communicate with one another, have powerful imaginations and artistic skills and possess excellent memories. They report that animals know which medicines to use when they are sick and use tools to help them obtain the food they need in order to survive. And they show that animals have skills and capabilities which humans can only envy. The Wisdom of Animals offers clear evidence that animals frequently display the sort of wisdom, and the types of emotion, which many wrongly regard as uniquely human. No one who reads this impressive, original, fact-packed book will ever again doubt the wisdom of animals.

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