Wikipedia fined for `misinformation’

Dr Vernon Coleman

Wikipedia, the encyclopaedia which is edited by amateurs, has been fined $88,000 for publishing information considered to be false. The fine related to `misinformation’.

Wikipedia is the controversial site, despised by many who respect the truth, which has, I believe, single-handedly destroyed the credibility of the internet and degraded the word encyclopaedia.

Larry Sanger, the co-founder of Wikipedia, has pointed out that the search engine Google (which has itself frequently been fined huge sums) helped establish Wikipedia’s `undeserved popular perception of credibility’. Google, which Sanger reveals has `contributed millions to Wikipedia’, summarises and promotes Wikipedia material as though it were reliable and impartial.

In his book `Essays on Free Knowledge’ Larry Sanger described Wikipedia as thoroughly corrupt.

I have evidence that Wikipedia editors will alter pages if paid to do so. Sanger rightly describes this as `corruption’.

Copyright Vernon Coleman September 2022