Mixing Vaccines is Lunacy

Dr Vernon Coleman MB ChB DSc FRSA

The UK Government is planning to allow doctors to mix and match different vaccines.

If a patient receives the first dose of a covid-19 vaccine but the second vaccine of that type isn’t available then the patient can be given a second dose of another type.

That is the new `normal’ into which we are being driven.

In my view it’s reckless madness.

And I am not alone.

In the USA the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention has noted that the authorised covid-19 vaccines `are not interchangeable’ and that the `safety and efficacy of a mixed product series have not been evaluated. Both doses of the series should be completed with the same product.’

According to the New York Times, John Moore, a vaccine expert at Cornell University, USA has said that Britain is gambling with its new guidance and that officials in Britain `seem to have abandoned science completely now’.

And that’s it, isn’t it?

This whole fraud has never been about the science.

In March 2020 I said, in a video and on this website, that I believed that the coronavirus was being exaggerated for two main reasons: to kill old people and to force us to accept quasi mandatory vaccination programmes.

Well, it now looks as if they have managed to combine the two aims.

The elderly have been terrified into accepting the covid-19 vaccine. People who rely on the BBC and the mass market media for their news have no information about the vaccine. Those people cannot make an informed judgement about whether or not to have the vaccine. I suspect that some of the elderly in care homes are likely to have the vaccine whether they want it or not.

As far as I am aware, the covid-19 vaccines have not been tested on the elderly.

This whole damned vaccination programme seems to me to be a massive experiment.

And now they are mixing vaccines in a move that can only be described as unscientific, reckless and potentially murderous.

The UK Government has already proved that its policy is to kill the elderly. But just how many old people do they want to kill?

The spirit of Mengele is strong in Britain today.

I am ashamed of the doctors who are allowing this to happen.

And I am ashamed of those in the media who refuse to discuss or debate these issues.

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Copyright Vernon Coleman January 9th 2021