Every Sunday 12 noon GMT A Moment of Prayer

Vernon Coleman

Some years ago, when I published a monthly health letter, I introduced a weekly prayer moment so that readers everywhere could join together and get strength from one another.

It now seems a suitable time to reintroduce the idea so that we can join forces in the fight against the fascist forces of evil which are oppressing, suppressing and attempting to silence us.

We need to pray together more than ever, and since we have abandoned by our churches we need to take the lead ourselves.

So, on Sundays, at 12 noon GMT, please find a quiet spot where you will not be interrupted, turn off all electronic devices, and pray to our God the heavenly father. Ask him to bring us all together, to give us strength and to guide us to victory in this war against the Agenda 21 inspired, fascist forces of evil whose lies are endless and who are intent on taking over the world, killing many and turning the rest of us into slaves.

Please join in praying, whatever your faith might be.

Vernon Coleman January 2021