You Wouldn’t Have Given Money to Hitler – Don’t Give Money to the BBC

Vernon Coleman

I doubt if many people were surprised to hear that Tony Blair has been advising Manu Macron, the diminutive Frenchman and the most unpopular man in France, on how to help the EU defeat the will of the British people.

A man who is prepared to lie to take his country into a war in order to please rich Americans and guarantee himself a multi-million pound income is not overburdened with morals.

(At the time of the Iraq War, I wrote a book in which I suggested that Blair was sucking up to the Americans in order to guarantee himself a huge payday when he left politics.)

It has, I think, been fairly widely accepted for some time that Blair is a greedy, self-serving liar; loyal to himself but disloyal to his country; Scotland’s most famous war criminal and a man with strong psychopathic tendencies.

The surprising thing, however, was that the BBC news website didn’t bother to report the story about Blair’s ultimate betrayal.

The BBC has given Blair hours of airtime to promote his treacherous fantasies, and the organisation has persistently betrayed the millions who still pay the licence fee.

Throughout Brexit, the BBC has bent the news to suit its own pro-EU purposes.

But Blair’s latest betrayal was big news to most – except the BBC.

The BBC’s determination to ‘bend’ the news to suit its treacherous purposes has become a daily occurrence.

Two days ago, newspapers carried a story about economists who claimed that a no deal Brexit would give the UK a £140 billion boost. That was big news but the BBC ignored that story too.

The BBC is disloyal and a disgrace.

It has long been clear that the BBC (in addition to being sexist and ageist) is a racist organisation which hates England and will do everything to serve its masters in Brussels.

(Remember that the BBC has for years been accepting huge multi-million pound payments from the EU. The word ‘bribes’ seems to me quite appropriate.)

But the BBC’s arrogance and enthusiasm for the EU and its betrayal of Britain has reached absurd levels.

We are at war with the EU. And the BBC has made it quite clear that its allegiance lies with the enemy – an organisation now proven to have been founded by Nazis.

If you don’t believe me then compare the BBC news to everyone else’s news. The BBC distorts and bends the news; it promotes stories intended to scare Brexit supporters; it provides a platform for Remainer loonies such as Blair; and it suppresses news items which are good for Brexit and bad for the EU.

I explained in a previous article on this website that it is perfectly possible to watch television legally without having to pay the licence fee. Read the article headed ‘You don’t have to pay the BBC licence fee’ for details.

Last year alone, over two million people stopped paying their licence fee in protest at the BBC’s disloyalty to the nation. An incredible two million people gave the BBC a bloody nose in 2018!

Please don’t give your money to the BBC. This disgusting organisation gets more money than it needs from the European Union. The politicians won’t stop the BBC because they are all Remainers. But we can vote with our wallets. Let’s punish the traitors and put them out of business.

To give money to the BBC today would be like sending cash to Hitler during the Blitz.

You wouldn’t do that, would you?

Copyright Vernon Coleman March 2019