Monsanto and Me

Vernon Coleman

A good friend sent me a news item showing that Monsanto apparently kept files on journalists. Since he knew that I have been criticising Monsanto and its products for half a century or so, he suggested that the company probably had a file on me the size of a bus.

I suggested it was probably a double decker bus.

For two decades, I have repeatedly described Monsanto in print as the worst company in the world.

The Monsanto story reminds me that I once saw a file that a drug company sponsored pro-vivisection group had on me. I was astonished. The file contained copies of private letters and far more newspaper and magazine cuttings about me than I had ever seen. I learned quite a lot from that file!

The interesting thing is that Monsanto is now owned by Bayer - the German company with the Nazi heritage which I wrote about here recently.


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