Frankensteinís Monster is Back Ė With Dr Colin Barron

Dr Vernon Coleman

Iím delighted to report that Dr Colin Barron has brought back Frankensteinís monster for our entertainment.

Watch his new video and learn about the popularity of the Triple Locust Burger (with extra crickets) which is a favourite delicacy in Scotland.

And discover how you can keep warm whatever the weather with a new-fangled heat pump. They cost only £300,000,000, and Colin reports that you can save 25 pence a year on your heating bills. (I think heís exaggerating.)

Youíll also learn why Frankensteinís monster is heart-broken that Scottish heart throb Nicola Sturgeon is resigning as the Queen of Scotland.

Oh, and youíll find out why the monster has opted to take advantage of Scotlandís transgender laws.

You can watch Colinís new video on at Frankenstein Created Woman (

But watch from bed so that you can pull the sheets over your heard if it gets too scary.

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